Cassandra Anderson: Illustrator & Artist

Cassandra Anderson (photo credit @donna_fortune_photography)

Rediscovering a passion for creativity and art has turned into a career for Cassandra Anderson, a super talented Australian based illustrator.  Feeling unfulfilled after completing a Commerce Degree and literally one day before starting a corporate role, some spare time spent drawing some fashion figures put everything into motion and has led to a collab on an  upcoming coffee table book! Read more about Cassandra’s journey in our latest #mymoderncareer interview!
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Emma Lewis: Founder of Canvast

Emma Lewis, founder of Canvast

Creating a product for women to encourage them and help them feel supported, valued and to remind them that they really can achieve anything they want to was the driving force behind Emma Lewis when she founded Canvast.  We spoke with Emma about what she loves most about being a boss, how Canvast aims to assist modern gals and her top 3 tips for starting a business.  Get ready for a truly inspirational read!
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Emma Thomas: Abstract Artist

20180928_171648“Art is the soul of your home”…that is Melbourne based self-taught abstract artist Emma Thomas’s mantra. From creating eye-catching, dreamy, ethereal-feeling pieces to compliment a room or a bold and powerful statement piece, Emma’s art is truly special.

We spoke with Emma about starting out as an artist against traditional skill sets,  what inspires her as an artist and what making the switch to living your dream job was like! Read more to find out all about Emma’s journey to becoming the sought-after artist she is today in our #mymoderncareer interview!

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