A podcast for women who are committed to taking inspired action through empowerment and knowledge.

Hosted by Hayley Payne, the creator of knowledge and empowerment community and platform for women The Daily Pretty and a corporate career gal who lives by a personal mantra all about gratitude, good vibes and girl power.

On Be the Girl Podcast we cover topics across career, wellness, business, mindset, entrepreneurship and lifestyle.  We get real about how to realise your goals, dreams and aspirations through conversations jam packed with real life experiences and advice that is relatable and actionable straight from women who are living it and want to share it all with YOU!

Each episode will give you actionable steps, tips, tools and resources that you can realistically implement to work for you – whatever you are manifesting and cultivating.

Welcome to the Be the Girl squad…because we’ve got this and we’ve got just what you need on Be the Girl.

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