The Daily Pretty is an empowerment and knowledge platform for women encompassing the blog, podcast and our brand new #girlsquad apparel line, coming in early 2020! But most of all it is a community, because we are stronger together and when we collaborate…amazing things happen!”

Meet Hayley…TDP founder, Chief Editor and host of Be The Girl Podcast

In September 2018 I created The Daily Pretty, a destination for women to empower, motivate, inspire and inform through collaboration, sharing stories, advice, lessons learned plus skills and resources that can be utilised and implemented throughout their daily lives. Why pretty? Because it is OK to be confident, ambitious, courageous and intelligent while embracing our femininity and the prettier side of life!  Then came an extension of our digital platform, a podcast! Be The Girl Podcast is my passion project and being able to bring TDP to life through conversations is such a powerful and rewarding experience.

My professional background is in Business Management, Corporate Governance and Executive Administration and throughout my career I have gained experience across the fast paced and ever evolving Fintech and Information Technology space in Corporate Management Roles.  With a strong business background and as a focused, passionate and driven career gal, I craved a creative outlet to foster the important message of empowering women in business and throughout their careers. Complimentary to this is maintaining work-life balance through a healthy lifestyle, self-care and our health and wellness promise to ourselves which is also a large part of TDP.  I  practice gratitude and mindfulness daily, love yoga, staying active and taking a healthy approach to lifestyle while balancing career and business!

So I’d love to personally welcome you to the TDP squad, where collaboration over competition is front and centre, women who decided to go for it in business or their career (or both!) and who are balancing it all with a holistic lifestyle approach are always supported by our community.  I am so excited to be on this journey with you!

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