Spring Styles for 2022

As the clock ticks into the new year, that means many changes are on the horizon. The weather is going to turn cold and our thoughts are going to be focused on warmer weather and summer vacations. With those thoughts come ideas for fashion. A new year means new styles, and here are a few styles you may want to put on your list as you start thinking about putting together your spring wardrobe. 


Springtime is that perfect time to dress a bit lighter while still wearing layers. Layers are perfect for springtime because the afternoons can be warm enough for short sleeves, but dusk requires an extra bit of warmth and comfort. The cardigan is the perfect accessory to make that happen. Cardigans were all the rage at fashion week this year, and bold colors and patterns dominated. Spring is a great time to break out pastels, florals, and brightness to shake off the dark days of winter. Grab a colorful cardigan on your travels and spice up your wardrobe.

Short Shorts

For many years now, short shorts have been a staple in every woman’s spring and summer wardrobe. A lot of women feel they age out of this kind of fashion, but the truth is, if you are proud of your legs, show them off. Toned legs, long legs, or legs of any shape or size are welcome to absorb all the rays of the sun this year. The runways are not only full of short shorts for women, but for men as well. Don’t be shocked to find the men in your life with their thighs out all spring. Through your travels this winter, pick up a couple pairs of shorts and start getting yourself excited for the warm weather. If you have some older shorts you were thinking of throwing away, hold off for now. Maybe a quick cut to the legs to shorten them up may be exactly what you need to freshen up your wardrobe.


Fringe is in this year. Whether it’s on dresses or skirts or jackets, make a move with some fringe. Twirl around, walk with a bit of a swing, and put some pep in your step. After all, we are in the 20’s. Now is the time to reemerge from two years of keeping a low profile with colorful outfits that give you a bit of an ASMR vibe keeping you grounded, keeping you cool, and keeping you fashionable with fringe. 

Big Jackets

The bigger the jacket the better. Down to your knees, past your wrists, and enveloping you in style and warmth is where it’s at in the spring of 2022. Jackets give an extra level of comfort to a lot of people who may not be ready to show off their beach bods yet. You can cover up without looking like you’re dressing down. 

Vibrant colors are in fashion, and the more colorful you can be after a period of gloom will really attract a healthy vibe.

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