Self care tips for the festive season

Christmas is only a month away, so many of us are getting ready for parties, social gatherings and time spent with our families at dinners and catching up for drinks. Now that the time has come for us to start dressing up and getting glamourous, it might be time to give yourself some extra self care (especially post-lockdown) to feel more confident, beautiful, and empowered. Today we have some helpful beauty ideas and tricks to try to help you make you feel refreshed, beautiful, relaxed and ready to celebrate the festive season!

Freshen up your pearly whites

The saying goes ‘the first thing people notice is your smile’, so if you are a little self conscious of the colour of your teeth, you can visit a dentist such as cosmetic dentist Dr Lily Taheri and get your teeth whitened before the festive season. The difference white teeth will make to your smile is incredible and it will give you the confidence to celebrate in style this Christmas. 

Try new makeup looks

If you always gravitate towards the same eye look every day, which lets face it most of us do, one thing you can try is shaking things up. Take a different shade out of your eyeshadow palette and experiment with some new combinations. If you aren’t sure where to start, you can Google your eyeshadow and find tutorials on how to use it in new and exciting ways. Sometimes a small change like this is enough to bring some real vibrancy back to your look and it will give you a renewed sense of self. 

Trim your locks 

If you haven’t been to the hairdressers for a while, now is a great time to have a trim and get your hair looking fabulous and thick for the festive season. You can stick to the same hairstyle or be a little adventurous and try a new colour and trim, and make yourself feel refreshed and ready to attend those parties and social gatherings all the way through December. 

Pamper your skin 

Your skin is the most important thing you should look and invest in. Make sure it is clear, bright, and hydrated. Take the time this week to provide your skin with a full detox, using a nose cleansing strip, charcoal face mask, exfoliator, and serums to renew your skin and make it look and feel amazing. The great thing about having clearer skin is that it will provide a smooth base for your foundation and therefore your skin will look better for it! 

DIY Mani Pedi 

It’s great now and again to visit a nail salon, but if you want a simple and clean look for the Christmas season you can do this yourself at home. You can paint directly onto your nails or choose stick-on ones and use a beautiful festive red or a glitter to make your nails look elegant and sleek for Christmas. 

Use these simple beauty ideas and tricks to help you feel more beautiful and confident for the festive season!

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