Gift Ideas to reward your loyal customers

Brand loyalty is so important and it should form a key part in your companies values and purpose. While leveling up by diversifying their marketing strategy, buying ads, and finding ways to scale their products and services, brand loyalty is still critical.  Getting new customers is easy, retaining them is the hard part. Brand loyalty is the tendency to keep customers, this means having a positive experience with the brand and continuing to use their products or services.

If your business is lacking in loyalty then it’s going to struggle to aim for success. You’ll want signs that get noticed, whether it be online, at events, conferences, trade shows or wherever else. There are plenty of examples out there of thriving businesses with large fan bases and loyalty. When it comes to cameras, Sony is known for its brand loyalty. The same can be said for Apple and all of its products. Customers are willing to pay a premium as long as customers continuously provide the best service and products possible. A way to ensure that your customer service, communication, and account management is of a high standard is to use Customer Relationship Management software (CRM for short) to manage and review interactions. If you want to know about CRM and its uses in full, this linked article explains one such software called HubSpot –

It’s also so important to reward brand loyalty as well. While it’s true in order to retain these customers, your business will need to provide outstanding customer service and a valuable product or service. It’s so important to realize that it goes much further than that. As a business owner, you need to reward your customers. Many large-scale companies will have brand loyalty programs. While those are wonderful, you don’t have to go on that scale. Simply providing your loyal customers with gifts can really set you apart from your competitors. Here are some gift ideas for rewarding your loyal customers.

Digital goods

Brands are spending more and more time and effort on providing digital goods. These digital goods can range from templates such as social media templates, eBooks, graphics, stock photos, and so much more. You will want to make sure that whatever freebie you’re providing is going to be relevant to your business. For example, if you’re a business that focuses on helping other businesses then something such as Pinterest or social media templates could be a marvelous freebie.

Posting a lot of content is great, but if you can’t get the viewer’s attention in the post, all your work is wasted. By creating visually appealing and engagement-worthy templates, you are not only going to make your business look good but it’s also going to help your customer. You can use tools such as Canva to create custom image templates for each social platform.

Custom-made coffee mug

 A personalized coffee mug is a great gift idea as customers can enjoy their morning coffee. You can go about it two ways, you can have a tailored made mug that suits their interest. Alternatively, you can make it a swag item. This means that it’s going to have your logo on it. This could be beneficial as your contact info is going to be prominently displayed on the coffee mug. This could encourage other people to look you up who sees the mug. When it comes to swag items, you’ll want to thoroughly think about them.

While it’s great to have your logo and other aspects of your branding on the items, it can also make it appear as junk that your customer may give to someone else. So if you’re thinking about giving your customers items that have your logo on them, be sure to think about whether or not it’s going to be aesthetically pleasing.

Customized apparel

When it comes to swag items, it really can be anything such as shirts, pens, stickers, bottles, and so much more. Customized apparel is another popular gift idea that you can give to customers. When it comes to customized apparel such as shirts, tote bags, or more, they’re not nearly as expensive as it once was. It’s very easy nowadays to find affordable customized shirts. You’ll just want to make sure that the fitting is good and that the shirts are going to be visually appealing. That way people will want to wear them.

Fountain pens

Fountain pens have become popular once again over the last few years, especially for other businesses. Fountain pens are a beautiful and reusable gift that can last for so many years. Ideally, you don’t have your branding on these pens if they will be a gift to customers. Having their name engraved or their business will be much better. These make for great accessories on desks and they also make writing so much easier. This is definitely a memorable gift that any loyal customer would appreciate.


Subscriptions can be another great gift for your loyal customers. There are so many subscription-related services and products nowadays that there are plenty of options to choose from. You’ll want to either think about what each individual loyal customer would want or you could think about what your loyal customer base as a whole would appreciate. Some ideas for subscriptions would be:

  • Coffee
  • Wine
  • Gourmet Snacks

While there are plenty more subscriptions, you usually can never go wrong with food or drinks as it’s something that everyone consumes.

Gift cards

Who doesn’t love a gift card? If your business is more community based such as mainly serving people locally, then you can easily team up with another small business within the community and give your loyal customers gift cards to these places. This allows other small businesses within the community to get recognized but it can also help with building a relationship. However, this can still be effective even if your business is strictly online. You’ll just need to think about a business that you can easily network with or whatever you believe your customers would appreciate the most. These gift cards don’t need to be of a lot of value either.

Handwritten thank-you note

Hand-written notes come from the heart. This can be fairly intimate but it’s a great way to let your customers know how much you appreciate them and if it weren’t for them, your business wouldn’t be where it is today. Both the little things and the big things can truly make all the difference when it comes to providing an excellent customer experience to your clientele base. 

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