Creating your dream work from home space

Working from home can be an incredible experience with lots of benefits, but it can also feel messy and a bit unorganised when you first start and are surrounded by notebooks, plans, your laptop, and big some dreams! There are so many reasons we need a positive and functional workspace; let’s take a look at some to get you started GF.

You already WFH

If you are freelance or already run a business from home, you may already have the home office of your dreams. But if you are hoping to leverage an amazing role with a company that offers remote work – the ‘new normal’ is a home office space. It is not uncommon for HR or even your manager to ask to see what your office looks like – to make sure you have the space to work well and it is safe and functional. If you’re new to WFH, check these extra tips: Are you WFH more often? Make sure you are protecting your data.

Focus Zone

When you sit in your work chair, you know that it is time to focus on your day, your priorities and to-do list. When you have a space that you step into or sit down at that is your dedication office or work space, your brain switches into working mode. If you have a door that you can close, it can also help to create a distraction-free working environment. 


Ah, the coveted work-life balance can be made a little more straightforward when you have a divide between two spaces. The separation of where you work and where you live can allow you to close the door on the workday and relax. 


Creating a home working office is an investment. It’s an investment and belief in your future and that you intend to be home working or run your small business for the long haul. But it can be a financial investment too. Not everyone who works from home works solely on the computer. This means you may need to add lights and extra electrics (skip doing this yourself, call a local electrician in Sydney to get the job done), a standing desk or perhaps large work surfaces, storage, comfortable seating, and some decorative accessories. How do you get started designing the workspace? Are there any factors that can ensure you remain productive and in work mode all day? 

Working style

Think about your working style. Do you pace as you generate ideas or take calls? Or do you sit for the duration of the workday? Choose a space that allows for your working style. 

Needs vs. Want

What do you need there? Say you are on a budget; what is the bare minimum that can get you started? That’s the need part. You might need to factor in:

  • How big is the desk space that you need?
  • What type of storage do you need (books, materials, paints, wool – whatever it is)?
  • Do you need space for cutters and printers?
  • Do you keep your workspace clean naturally? Or do you need smart storage to help? 


While desks in the middle of the room look neat, they can be a hazard unless you run the cables. Carefully factor in lighting, charge cables, power cords, and more. Cable tidies are a great idea, but your cable management can make or break the look. 

Creating a working from home environment that works for you is a personal endeavor and should be tackled with your needs in mind – not the latest office fad trends. Take your time to get it right, you deserve it GF!

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