3 ways the 80/20 rule can transform your life

When it comes to healthy eating, there is a lot of different information available. The true benefits and power of eating healthy (think 80/20 rule) can give you more energy and may assist with certain health conditions. We now know that certain plant-based diets may actually have a great improvement on particular conditions. Combine healthy eating with meditation and exercise (all in moderation of course!) and the benefits can be truly amazing. Let’s dive deeper into some of the reasons why healthy eating can increase energy and overall vitality. 

It may help switch your mindset

Starting out on a healthy eating journey may be challenging at first. There’s a steep learning curve. But once you start implementing it day-to-day, you’ll notice some profound changes. Your mind just feels better. You’re more alert, you have more energy, and you don’t experience episodes of low mood like you did in the past. But what’s going on here? Why would diet change your psychology? It’s all to do with inflammation in the brain. When you eat a traditional Western diet, inflammatory molecules flood your bloodstream and cross the blood-brain barrier. When they do, they cause the chemistry in parts of the brain to change for the worse, making you feel bad. Changing your diet to something healthier eliminates this issue. 

It may help increase your fitness levels

Imagine being able to run 10 miles without getting puffed out or being able to cope with extremes of cold and hot. You would think that such feats would require extreme training, but they don’t. Again, it all comes back to your diet. If you can nail it, you totally change how your body functions. Manuka honey is a natural blood thinner, for instance. Thinner blood makes it easier for your heart to pump red blood cells around your body and deliver oxygen to your tissues. This, in turn, gives muscles more energy, allowing you to run further. Diet can also help the body cope with heat stress better. If it is cold or hot outside, you’re in a better position to deal with it. 

It may help transform your outlook

Switching your diet to something better can help with a more positive outlook when it comes to looking after yourself. Eating healthily really can assist to change your outlook on life. It’s one of the best things you can do to honour your body, take care of yourself and increase your energy levels.


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