The freshest housing trends in 2021

When you think of following trends, most of us think of buying the latest clothing, trying the newest makeup hacks or visiting the most popular vacation spots of the moment. However, whether we are conscious of them or not, housing trends have been dictating how and where we live for generations. In 2021, our world has truly been turned upside down. The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything about how the world operates, including real estate! Let’s take a look at the main housing trends of 2021.

Building from scratch vs Buying a new home

Building a home from scratch has become a huge trend in 2021, with homeowners deciding to enter the drivers’ seat in the whole home-building process. Rather than buying a brand new home that’s ready to move into, buyers are looking to design and build homes using house and land packages that provide home models for buyers to commission. When you consider house and land packages compared to building from scratch by yourself, you’ll find that home and land packages essentially do the job for you: you choose a model that is right for you, and let your company get to work!

Home office, home gym… Functional homes are the way forward

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, many of us have spent more time than ever inside our homes. This means the functionality of our homes is being put under the microscope: your home needs to be not just a home space, but a workplace, a gym, a school for your kids and a play area! When searching for homes in 2021, buyers are looking primarily for a place that is versatile, spacious and functional. We don’t know just how long the COVID-19 pandemic will last, or whether more pandemics will shake our world in the near future. For that reason, a functional home is your best bet: you can give everyone what they need in a lockdown situation without tearing out your hair!

Outdoors is the new indoors!

Finally, the COVID-19 pandemic has also taught us that being outside is vital for our mental and physical health. Homes with gardens are becoming hugely popular, seeing as, during lockdowns, they are the only access to the great outdoors that is unlimited and unpoliced. 

If you are searching for a home in 2021 or looking to sell your home in the future, make sure you consider the garden space. Is the garden space in your current or future home big enough, functional, beautiful and well positioned? If not, you may consider renovating it using a landscaping company, to achieve the gorgeous garden of your dreams. Final thoughts…

It is important to keep up with housing trends in 2021 and beyond – not only to make sure you are purchasing the right home for you, but also to ensure your home maintains its value for sale in the future. Use this helpful guide to enhance your understanding of real estate trends this year, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the paradigm for living conditions forever. 


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