Is your business bursting at the seams? What to check-off when moving to a larger space

Your business is your baby. The concept you have nurtured and fed with your sweat, gruelling hours and even a few tears. And it shows. Your business is such a success that you are bursting out of your current office space. There is literally no more room! Now there is only one option left. Time for a bigger space that will not only fit your business today but your future business too. Sounds easy enough? The only easy thing in business is making a coffee during break, and even that requires skills. There are many things to consider when you are not only moving to a bigger space but also growing your business and taking it to the next step. 

Size Does Matter

When you look around your current office space, kitchen, atelier or showroom, measure its current size. You can be deceived when you look at a new space and think and feel it’s better, but it’s actually the same size. It’s incredible how big a space looks when there is nothing in it. Now think very carefully, maybe call a friend on this one too. How big do you want to go? Double or three times the size? You don’t want to be over-ambitious but also not shoot yourself in the foot and then have to move again in a year or two. Come to a size you believe you will reach in the next five to ten years and stay in comfortably. Great! Give the measurements in square feet to the estate agent to start looking for space for you.

Location, Location, Location 

With the measurements, remember to mention where you want the office space to be located. If you are a walk-in boutique or bakery, make sure that it’s close to the business sector or tourist area where constant feet are walking around. Even if you’re an online business, you need to consider the location for other reasons. How far will your employees need to commute now? Is there public transport nearby? If your business is into manufacturing, how far will the space be from the nearby highway? The trucks that will come and collect your merchandise will have difficulty maneuvering around the streets? 

Be Safe, Not Sorry

It’s not all about moving yet. You need to consider making extra changes or just phone calls when you decide on a bigger space. Insurance first needs to be updated. Do you need fire extinguishers in there now? If so, get that sorted next. If your new space is a warehouse, you need to call a company like Cjj Services to do your factory lines or warehouse markings. You just moved into a new place. You don’t want to add a liability suit to your to do list now. 

Tech Upgrade

It’s all good, and well, you are moving into a bigger space, but consider if your current technology is still sufficient to walk with you in this venture. Not everyone has an infinite budget for upgrades. Instead, start small. Which area needs an upgrade in their computer systems urgently? Get them sorted, and then work down the list as soon as the budget becomes more lucrative. 

It might look scary. Make sure that your support structure is solid, and lean on them when you feel you need a break. This time is a manifest of how your hard work paid off. Celebrate it! 


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