Self Care 101: Do you pamper your senses?

Enjoying a beautiful warm bath to finish your day is a simple but super affective self care ritual to relax and unwind. Including bath accessories that pamper your senses is the perfect addition to this self care ritual. So what bath accessories are the best for you? Let’s take a look at some bath accessories like salts, soaps, oils and gels that will make your bath time more enjoyable and the benefits from using them. These are the most popular bath accessories, and they’re available on the market today.

Bath Gels

When it comes to bath time, not all people have the same taste. If you want to experience different sensations, using bath gel with menthol or eucalyptus oil could be an excellent idea for some relaxation and freshness after spending too much time in an office chair. Bath gels infused with essential oils aren’t always used during bath time, though – instead, they can also be used as a shower gel.

Bath Bombs

If you’re looking for bath accessories that are not only elegant but also functional, bath bombs and bath salts are some of the best bath accessories. You just have to fill your bathtub with warm water, drop a bath bomb in it or add some bath salts and enjoy their effects. Some bath bombs contain flower petals that can be used as an addition to the bathing routine.


If you like bubbles, then a bubble bath is what you need! When it comes to bubble baths, they don’t have to be boring if your favourite scent is lavender or lemongrass.

Nowadays, there’s no need to use traditional methods for relaxation – nature has provided us with many things that can be used even in this area, such as aromatherapy bath fizzies. If you want some natural bath accessories, bath oils seem to be an excellent choice for you. Bath oils are perfect for people who have dehydrated skin and need something extra during bath time.


Though bath gels, bath salts or bath bombs may seem like the most popular bath accessories across the world, there’s also one more type of product that can be found in many bathrooms – they’re usually soft and round and can be squeezed easily – it’s all about washcloths! 

So if you don’t want to waste your money on other things that just take up space, then get yourself a pack of washcloths from reputable brands. Online beauty stores offer a fantastic selection of bath accessories, bath bombs and bath salts you definitely won’t be able to find in the local shops.

To Pamper

1. To treat with excessive indulgence; coddle: “He was not allowed to do anything that might spoil or overindulge his palate—he was never permitted even to taste a bunch of grapes without previously begging his mother’s or his sister’s leave” (Elizabeth Gaskell).

2. To indulge, gratify: “The bath salts pamper your skin with almond oil, coconut milk, and sea salt crystals.”

3. To favour or indulge a person or group excessively.

4. To provide every possible comfort to a person.

5. To be fastidious about one’s surroundings, attire, etc.

Now that you know a few types of bath accessories, it’s time for some shopping! So go ahead and pamper yourself with bath accessories today – you deserve it!


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