6 Ways To Level Up Your Fitness Regime

Some of us are fitness fans, but for others, it’s…well – harder to stay motivated! Whatever your stance is, fitness is the a natural way to improve your health and get those natural endorphins pumping. Here are some ways to level up your fitness regime, whether you are starting out or just need some motivation.

1 . Get The Gear

Need to inspire yourself to get fit? Treating yourself to some new fitness gear can be a great motivator. Invest in good quality, activewear that works for your body type and style. Maybe you’d love a tie-dye yoga mat or some starter weights for your strength training? Sometimes we need a little bit of motivation, (treating yourself to a few new goodies might just do the trick)!

2. Set Simple Goals

If you’re looking to improve your fitness regime there’s no use in setting goals that are too difficult. Unrealistic goals can really demotivate you, and that’s literally the last thing you want. Start off with simple goals that will be easy to achieve. Once you smash these goals, you can always set new ones. Here are a few easy goals to get you started:

  • I will practice a fifteen-minute fitness video on YouTube once a week
  • I will take a long walk at least once a week
  • I’m going to hit the gym at least twice a week
  • I’m going to challenge myself to one new fitness class this month

3. Check Out Fitness Apps

Fitness apps are all the rage right now, these are great time-saving devices because it’s easy to work out from home. Daily Yoga is an awesome fitness app, it’s suitable for beginners to advanced yogis. There are plenty of cool styles to try from Ashtanga to Hatha and Yin. The 7minute workout app is a fab tool if you’re pushed for time. The app challenges you to a short workout of 7 mins each day. Other popular fitness apps include Nike Training Club and Freeletics.

4. Try Niche Activities

Does the idea of fitness make you yawn? Then you’ve got to shake it up with some fun and niche activities. Challenge yourself to something different, you might try SUP yoga, Aerial Hoop, or Aqua Zumba? Check out the fitness groups on MeetUp and see if you can find anything quirky! Trying a new fitness activity is a great act of self-care.

5. Fitness Buddies 

If you find it hard to get into a fitness regime, get yourself a fitness buddy. Ask one of your friends to join you at classes. It’s often easier when you have someone to help you stay motivated. Once the pair of you get into a routine you’ll soon level up your fitness regime.

6. Preserve your youth with NAD supplements

Although our forefathers did not believe in plastic surgery and all the efforts were limited, today, due to changing lifestyles and increased stress, almost everyone wants to look younger. Whether women or men, their desire to stay young is sky-high, so much so that many people are even ready to take some risks for this purpose. But is it worth taking risks when you can do so by taking a NAD supplement instead?

Thinking about your goals

Before you get started it can help to consider your overall goals. Are you looking to get healthy, tone up, or lose weight? For most people, it’s a combination of many different factors. If you’re working out and still struggling to lose weight, a last resort could be alternative options in very special circumstance such as weight loss surgery. Always seek the appropriate medical advice. Once you’ve figured out what your goals are it’s easier to get into a routine and start making progress!


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