Self care check in: 3 Ways To Care For Your Skin

Taking care of your skin really should be an important part of your self care routine every day! Here are 3 simple tips to make sure you are taking care of your skin GF!

Moisturise Daily

Moisturising your skin is essential. It not only provides hydration but also helps to prevent dryness and flakiness in the winter months. Find a moisturiser that matches your skin type, oily, dry, or combination, then apply it on a clean face at least twice a day! Skin products have become more accessible than ever; skin product suppliers make it easy to shop and research various products through their online presence, such as A hand cream may seem like an unnecessary expense when you have other products for every part of your body, but these two small applications can make a big difference! Treating them with care will help keep them looking youthful and healthy no matter what, especially now, when people are washing and sanitising their hands more than ever before. 

Use Sunscreen To Protect Your Skin

Sunscreen is the best defence you have against sun damage, which can lead to wrinkles and an aged appearance. It also helps prevent skin cancer. Experts recommend using sunscreen every day or at least as often as possible with a high SPF-30 should be your goal. You will reap the benefits of protecting your skin for years to come. It’s important to know what type of sunscreen product might work best for you. This is because the active ingredients in these products vary depending on their protection level from UVB and UVA rays. Choose the type of sunscreen that offers protection from both UVB and UVA radiation to create an effective barrier against skin damage by these harmful wavelengths. A broad-spectrum sunscreen protects you not only from sunburn but also helps protect your skin against premature ageing caused by exposure over time.

Drink Water To Hydrate Your Skin

Beauty is all about clean, healthy skin. With that said, it’s vital to drink plenty of water every day for good health and hydration purposes. Your skin will thank you! Do you know that your skin is the largest organ in the body? It’s also one of the most complex organs. That being said, it needs a ton of care and attention to keep it healthy. People often overlook hydration when caring for their skin, but water isn’t just good for an afternoon pick-me-up. More than 70% will be absorbed into your bloodstream through osmosis when you drink water, so that means more moisture reaches every tissue, including those on your face! In addition to helping with flushing toxins out during urination (which can cause acne), adequate hydration helps increase elasticity and reduce dryness, which are significant contributors to wrinkles and premature ageing. If you take good care of your skin and follow a few simple rules for how to treat it the right way, then you will always have healthy, glowing and beautiful skin.


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