Entrepreneurial trends every modern business woman needs to know

To succeed as an entrepreneur takes many qualities and skills, including tenacity, drive, and commitment. Success in this area also relies on being as aware of trends, and acting on the right opportunities that present themselves. Let’s look at 4 trends that may be of interest entrepreneurs, keep reading to find out what they are. 

No code and low code apps open every industry to entrepreneurs 

Practically every field is now open and full of opportunities for entrepreneurs thanks to low and no code apps and software. Low and no-code software is based on the drag and drop model and means you don’t have to have a master in computer programming to enter the world of development or design. With low and no-code software you can offer SaaS, create an online marketplace, and even build profitable apps all without having to deal with a single line of code. Therefore if you are an entrepreneur with a great online idea, there is no better time to make it a reality. 

Investing in cryptocurrency 

Many people are snapping up cryptocurrency right now, and this is most definitely a trend that entrepreneurs need to be aware of. After all, the success of Bitcoin and those that invested in it early is clear. Not to mention the massive shift in the business world to crypto processes which means its market is very likely to be here to stay, and so provides an excellent opportunity for a profitable return. The most important thing when starting to invest online is knowledge and finding the right platform to help you with your investments. All-in-one-investing that is easy to use is possible! Take a look at https://www.sofi.com/invest/ to get started today.

Engaging micro-influencers 

When you are an entrepreneur with a product to move, it may be tempting to sink all your budget into advertising or a clever marketing campaign. However, current trends suggest that the most effective way of reaching your target market is by using a micro-influencer. A micro-influencer is someone that uses platforms like TikTok or YouTube to connect with a relatively small following, usually under 20K. Of course, while this may be a small following in social media terms it’s a great figure when it comes to marketing and sales, especially as the people that see your promotions are likely to match your ideal customer profile identically! The good news is that currently micro- influences are still priced relatively reasonably, so using them is a trend worth embracing for the modern entrepreneur.  

Climate Tech Startups

Finally, another area that entrepreneurs may wish to consider for investment is preventing climate change and the start-ups that are springing up in this field. Primarily, this is such a good opportunity for two reasons, the first is that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change, and so businesses that are formed to address this stand a good chance of overall success. Secondly, many governments, worldwide organizations, and international companies are providing funding for this industry, which means we can expect a high injection of cash over the next 10 years or so, making it an ideal opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs to embrace. 


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