Switching career and going remote? Here are 5 tips to kickstart your new chapter

Many people find themselves unhappy in their job roles and the pandemic has acted as the game-changing element that nobody could have predicted. Today, millions of employees are thinking about switching careers, and many of them have done so to move to a remote working lifestyle. After all, working from anywhere and being your own boss does have it’s advantages. It is important to carefully plan and really think about what your next career move could be, before you make any changes. Changing careers and securing the right job is a big decision with lots of factors to consider, particularly if you are moving into a new field and need to build your qualifications and experience. Let’s look at 5 tips to change careers that you can start working on in your planning phase.

Create a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio is a great way to kickstart your new career if you have based your new remote job on your passion, hobby, or side hustle. For example, if you have always loved to paint, graphic design, write or train others, you might use your past experiences to gather a portfolio, examples, and testimonials. If you don’t have any of these right now, you might consider offering your services for a discounted fee in exchange for permission to put your work in your portfolio.

Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a great way to expand the visibility of your business. These are free and you can start building a community. Additionally, social media platforms make it easier for you to create a personality behind your brand and communicate your mission and vision with your audience. Lastly, thanks to the communication channels already built into social media platforms, you can start interacting with your target market and learn more about what they are after in your products and services. 

Find a Mentor

For entrepreneurs, the mentor figure is an irreplaceable one. Thanks to a mentor, you can find someone who offers authoritative, informed, and honest opinions and can guide you through the professional challenges ahead. When looking for a mentor, you might opt to apply for private or public and free programs. Or, if you wish to continue working within the same industry you are in now, you might consider asking someone within your network to mentor you. You won’t regret finding guidance!

Invest in an Online Course

If you are looking to get your career back on track or you are planning for a drastic move, returning to school can be exactly what you need. Today, major universities around the world offer online, self-paced learning courses that also offer you accreditation. If you are looking to update your skills and obtain a qualification, there is nothing better than signing up for one of these programs. And, in most cases, you will be able to complete them while continuing to work and receive a salary. A win-win!

Find Accredited Training

If online university courses are not for you, you should consider accredited training options such as the ones offered by Prince2 Training. These highly-regarded training programs allow you to be ready to present yourself as a project manager, which means that you can kickstart your career and start from a rewarding managerial position. 

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