Easy Eco swaps at home

We are all becoming more aware of how important it is to make eco swaps and become more sustainable in our day to day routines. There are lots of things you can do to do better for the environment but it can be overwhelming so take one step at a time. You don’t have to try to do everything immediately as it can be quite a change. It’s important to take small steps and slowly make the swaps so that they become a permanent change in your life. Some swaps are easier than others and some do need adjusting or tweaking but we can all do something to contribute to less plastic, less waste and better things for the earth. One of the first and most important things to think about is not to throw away everything you have in your house which is plastic. If it’s going to be used it’s best to be kept and used otherwise you just throw away loads of plastic which is going to contribute to the landfill problems. So if you have plastic Tupperware in your cupboard that you use for your lunchbox don’t throw it away and get a bamboo replacement, just use it until you need to replace it and then opt for a more sustainable product.

In the kitchen, there are lots of swaps you can do. You can look to use old T-shirts and rags instead of kitchen paper and you can also buy reusable kitchen cloths you can pop in the wash once you have used them. Instead of using plastic brushes to wash up your dirty dishes, you can use a wooden one with an interchangeable brush head so that you’re not buying more plastic. In both the kitchen and bathroom, one of the products that we use a lot is hand soap. Most hand soaps come in plastic bottles, sometimes bars of soap just won’t cut it – so what is a good alternative for this? You can use Liquid Hand Soap Tirtyl which is the best of both worlds. You buy a bottle once, refill forever with the powerful tablets they provide and your tap water. It makes it so much easier and a lot better for the planet. In the bathroom, a great swap is to go for a bamboo toothbrush instead of using the single-use plastic ones. They are just as good at brushing your teeth and are better for the environment. The bamboo option is great as it is antibacterial by nature as well as being a fast-growing plant so it is a much better choice.

One of the easiest swaps and one that some people still haven’t changed to is having shopping bags that are fabric or eco friendly, although there are reusable options at the supermarket sometimes they end up being single-use still. You can get canvas bags everywhere so grab a few and take them with you on your next shopping trip.

These are all fantastic beginner tips, so try giving them a go!

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