Running a business as a new mum

Being a successful career woman doesn’t exempt you from the pressure of raising a family. The stress can be more when you’ve just had a baby, but there are (thankfully) things you can introduce to help you cope up with the challenges that may pop up. Let’s take a look at ways to work smarter when you are a new mum running your biz!

Automate Processes

Digitising the business means that most of the processes are done online. Forward mails to your assistant or partner, and create online payment platforms. Ensure your team are across their areas of responsibility . This way, you can focus on important things without being disrupted by minor issues. It can also be very helpful to have a virtual assistant when you have a busy career, business and home life. A VA can help with basic tasks like checking email, scheduling appointments and setting up meetings.

Have Dependable Suppliers

To ensure you have the suppliers you need on time, have reliable and trustworthy people work for you. For instance, running a plumbing company pays to have a plumbing tools wholesaler who guarantees quality, exact orders and keeps time without you following up. If you have to always show up at the supplier’s shop to ensure they pack the right quality and quantity items, drop them for a more reliable one.

Get a Trusted 2IC

A 2IC is someone you trust to make the right business decisions when you’re away. It should be someone passionate about the business and has enough skills to run it smoothly in your absence. Your 2IC could potentially be one of your employees that you coach and train to take the lead in your absence. Qualities like dedication and strong business acumen are required to handle the responsibilities effectively.

Create a Flexible Schedule

As all new mums will tell you, nothing runs on schedule when you have a new baby. A rigid schedule will stress you out, and to avoid this, have the freedom of attending to tasks when you can. Also, let your customers and employees know who they can rely on when you’re not available. Things don’t have to be put on hold until you come back to work. Doing so will demotivate employees and drive away clients. 

Hire the Right Talent

Probably the most effective solution is to hire the right people to work and grow the company when you’re away. Talented, motivated, and growth-driven employees will go out of their way to offer clients the best. Generally, while you’re away, these people will go the extra mile to ensure the company grows and makes profits.

To achieve this, carefully select your team and take them through rigorous training. Also, let the team understand your company culture, mission, and goals. Finally, fostering team spirit teaches them to be productive even when you’re not around to supervise. 

As you will realise, you’ll have two babies to take care of- your newborn and the business. It will not be easy to take care of all the demands making it essential to prioritise your needs. Create time to rest, relax and attend to your needs. Then, when you’re in good spirits and well-rested, you’ll be able to take care of the many demands.

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