8 steps for creating a start up

The success of creating a startup can depend on the planning stages and ensuring you have all of your bases covered. While some things are standard for any business, some are specific to the type of business you are starting. Let’s look at a Daycare Centre as an example in today’s 8 steps for creating a start up! Careful management of the start-up process from start to finish is critical, so to start your Daycare Centre there are some important things to consider. From writing a Business plan and choosing a location, marketing, Childcare Supplies, hiring a team and managing your day-to-day operations, let’s take a look at some things in more detail.

Understanding the licensing requirements

Your local government will develop rules and regulations to govern your status as a small business owner and when operating a Daycare center. You will want to strictly adhere to both.

Writing a Business Plan

Writing a business plan can be a daunting task, but due diligence and hard work at this stage will inform the rest of the start-up process. You need to do your research, focusing on understanding the costs involved in successfully launching a profitable Daycare business. Are you using your own money or looking for a small business loan?

Find a location

Do you want to start a family Daycare, rent an existing Daycare, or start a Daycare business in a new facility from scratch? In either case, you need to find a home for your childcare business. When making this decision, please check your city’s zoning laws and childcare permit guidelines to ensure that your location complies with regulations.


You will need several different types of insurance policies depending on the Daycare you set up. Check against the licensing requirements of your local child care provider for guidance.

Prepare your Premises

If you are going to open a Daycare, you need furniture and supplies. You also need childcare safety equipment. Running your own Daycare business brings many safety issues, and you need to be prepared.

Develop policies and procedures

Use childcare forms and templates to start developing policies, procedures, and manuals for your employees and their families. You also need to develop disaster or crisis management plans and health, safety, privacy, and nutrition agreements, all of which are guided by local childcare permit requirements.

Hire your team

Check the Daycare licensing requirements for staff ratio and teacher education background. Childcare staff may undergo criminal background checks and fingerprint recognition, and ensure that reference materials and education levels are strictly checked. The quality of a Daycare depends on its employees, so please be cautious when making hiring decisions.


At least your Childcare Center needs marketing materials and an online presence. List your business in the local child care directory and attend the Daycare or preschool intake meeting in your community. Advertise through local businesses, parent groups, local events, and popular babysitting blogs. Try popular early education sites. Hold social media activities geared towards the target group, or host a grand housewarming event to attract families. Once you get your inaugural kid list filled, keep up with your ongoing marketing efforts so you always build a customer base.

Starting a Daycare can be challenging, but running a successful childcare business can be very rewarding!

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