3 ways to help take care of your wellbeing and mental health

We all have busy lives, whether it’s going to work and having a productive and successful day, running in and out of meetings, catching up with friends, preparing dinner, getting the house in order, and spending time with your loved ones. With so much going on, it can be easy to put yourself last – you health, wellbeing, and most importantly, your mental health. You are too busy taking care and providing for others that you forget to sit for a moment and focus on yourself. Some people will say that thinking of yourself is a selfish act. When in fact, it is the complete opposite! You can not expect to take care of others properly if you cannot take care of yourself first. By not taking a moment to breathe and self-reflect, sooner or later, you will burn out, and that will not be good for you or anyone around you. To prevent a burnout from happening, let’s look at 3 ways that may help take care of your wellbeing and mental health.

Balanced Nutrition

Being aware of what and how much you eat is not about weight gain or weight loss. You have to ensure that you are taking in the right amount of nutrients daily so that your brain can stay healthy and keep functioning. Foods such as vegetables, fruit, nuts, different proteins, and plenty of water are essential for your mental health and overall wellbeing. With that said, everything in moderation and too much of one type of food can turn out to be unhealthy. It’s key to find the right balance that works for your specific needs. A good solution if you need some advice here would be to see a nutritionist dietitian.

Stay Active

Running and rushing around between work and home is not staying active! But staying active does not necessarily mean you have to be at the gym or playing sport if that is not what interests you. Make time for yourself to do activities that you enjoy and that also have relaxation and stretching benefits. Consider joining a yoga class, spend some time in the garden, or for a nice long walk. Prioritise doing something that will help to clear your mind and relax.

Breath work

Taking a real break, more often than you think is absolutely necessary to recharge. It is essential to take a couple of minutes to be with yourself and show self love and appreciation. It is vital to take time out of every busy day to focus and be you. Take a break each day to sit and meditate. However you choose to take a break and breathe, you need to relax and have some ‘me time’ with only yourself to keep you company, it really does work wonders and helps with relaxation and feeling grounded.

Babes, don’t think self care is selfish. It’s not! It’s necessary. And always remember to always drink lots of water to keep you hydrated!

With love,
Team TDP x

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