3 things to consider for health, wellness and your beauty routine

There are parts of our health, wellness and beauty routine that should remain consistent. Whether it’s our healthy breakfast or our skincare routine, there are things we incorporate into our lives that are part and parcel of what makes us feel like we are looking after ourselves. But if you want to bring some more into the mix, what are some other things that we may not think of that we could benefit from?

Prioritisng Your Beauty Sleep

Amazingly, we do not always prioritise sleep! This is the most rejuvenating technique for your body. We spend so little time having quality downtime, so that is why good, regular sleep is so important. If our nutrition is not where it should be and we don’t rest properly, all of this stress can contribute to the signs of ageing. Good quality sleep does so much for your health and wellbeing plus, not surprisingly our beauty routine. Also ensuring you moisturise before you go to bed, and taking opportunities to unwind so you can have good quality sleep means you will feel more refreshed, and it will reduce stress. 

Building strength with Isometrics

If you want to tone your body, and want to do it at home or you do not have the time to go to the gym or a class, isometrics is one of those best-kept secrets that was very popular 100 years ago. It’s the perfect way to tone your body, gain strength, and it’s something you can do anywhere! The approach is simple, you tense a part of your body (or all of it) for a matter of seconds, and if you do it right this provides a lot of definition, and can add strength, without building a lot of muscle. There is plenty of advice online on how to do it, but it’s certainly something that anybody can do without needing to go to the gym. You can start right now, all you need to do is go to a wall and try to push against it, and this would immediately work your shoulders and your chest. It might change your life (seriously)!

Saving time with Cosmetic Tattooing

Whether it is eyeliner tattoos or permanent lip tinting, permanent makeup is a big decision and something you need to really think hard about. If you spend a lot of time in the morning doing your makeup, or need some help to achieve those beautiful brows on a semi-permanent bases then cosmetic tattooing could be for you. Go about it the right way, do your research and only visit reputable salons.

We hope these tips have helped with thinking about your self care and health and wellness routines!

Team TDP x

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