Why #selfcare is essential

Self care is something that should be prioritised GF’s! We’re here to tell you now that it’s important to look after yourself, and you should get started right now if it’s dropped off your schedule babes. Let’s look at some simple #selfcare practices you can start doing straight away.


The first thing to think about is what you are putting into your body? We’re talking about the foods that you are eating, and what you are drinking. Now, we know that some people don’t function without their coffee, and this is self care at its finest, so we recommend looking into a coffee subscription, but enjoying one cup per day and making it a special morning ritual where you take time for yourself is a great habit to get into. Be mindful of nourishing your body with the right things is the ultimate self care practice.

Just Relax

It may be the case that you are so stressed that you just need to relax. Take some time for yourself to simply unwind from the events of the day, week or month.  Remember is that everyone needs a break sometimes, and it’s impossible to go without one. If you keep ignoring your body and your mind when it is telling you that you need to rest, can mean biggest problems and even burnout. Even if you only get an hour in the bath or a 30 minute walk in the afternoon, it’s allowing you some time to recharge and unwind.

Learn To Say No

You need to set your boundaries and then you need to stick to them. Remember that the people who have a problem with your boundaries are usually the ones who benefit from you having none! Do whatever you feels right for your to reinforce your boundaries. This usually means that you need to learn to say no. Instead of doing everything everyone wants you to do, even when you don’t want to, learn to say no. This is not selfish, and you are not selfish for putting yourself first. You do not owe anyone an explanation as to why you said no either, as those reasons are yours alone. Trust us though, it feels really good to say no sometimes!

Understand What You Need

The final thing is understand what you need. By this, we mean that you need to understand your triggers, understand in a situation how to deal with the stress, and understand when you need a break. Some people think they are fine, right up until the moment that they are not, and this is dangerous. Recognize the signs that you need a break and make it happen.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and it’s a friendly reminder to take care of ‘yo self girl! Self care is not something that you should take or leave, it is essential. Self care isnt selfish!

Team TDP x

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