Digital marketing strategies for biz growth

If you are looking to extend the reach of your company, boost profits, or improve engagement then the right digital marketing approach is a must! Let’s look at 4 strategies that will help you get there.

Your website is the key 

While all the forms of digital marketing discussed below are crucial to your business growth and success, your website is the glue that holds everything together. The reason for this is because all of your other digital marketing efforts will direct prospects to your website where they can find out more information or make a purchase. That means if your website isn’t up to scratch to ensure your customers have a positive user experience (UX) you will lose all the leads you have worked hard to get. With that in mind, be sure to regularly review the UX of your website, factoring in visitor feedback and comments on how it can be improved.  

Paid social media promotions 

With hundreds of millions of users each month, social media platforms are one of the most effective ways of connecting with prospects. This is why a whole industry of social media paid promotions has developed. Although, these types of promotions on social media can be a little controversial for some companies, as they balk at paying for the service when so much digital marketing seems as if it can be done for free. However, the truth of the matter is the most effective forms of digital marketing will cost your business money. Whether that cost is for display space or creation. Also, the great thing about using paid promotions on social media platforms is that they can be carefully tailored to a specific audience and for a specific result. For example, some companies use social media paid promotions to increase their engagement and number of followers, while others focus directly on selling their products to their target demographic. 


With less than 30% of users ever navigating past the first page of search engine results, making sure your business is ranked high is crucial for growth and success. Fortunately, this is exactly what good SEO or search engine optimization is designed to do. However, getting SEO right for your business can be something of a challenge, as it’s somewhere between a science and an art. This means you need to have someone well versed in the principles of SEO, as well as how the latest search engine updates affect what gets to the top of the rankings. Indeed, this is something that means many companies choose to use an outside SEO agency for this task, rather than relying on their internal marketing team. Thereby freeing up their marketing employees to focus on other important tasks. 

Focus on great content 

The backbone of digital marketing is good content. Without great content attracting and holding the attention of prospects is tricky at best, yet what makes great content? Well, there are several things, but the real crux of the matter is to offer real value to the person consuming the content. Often this is in the form of expert information or guidance, but it can and should also be entertaining for maximum efficacy, shareability, and to best grow your business. 


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