Internal health creating external beauty with Krystah Ranson, founder of The Boutique of Holistic Beauty

Today on, I am chatting to Krystah Ranson, founder of The Boutique of Holistic Beauty, a truly special skin studio based in Surry Hills, Sydney. TBOHB is all about internal health creating external beauty and focusing on treating the skin holistically from all angles. We dive into the studios’ values, what clean beauty is all about, find out more about their amazing holistic, organic bespoke facials plus some career and business advice from Krystah. A must read if you are wanting a holistic approach to looking after your skin, are currently in or interested in a career or business in the clean beauty industry.

Welcome Krystah to our #mymoderncareer series, I am so excited to chat to you today. First up, tell me about yourself…
Growing up, I have always been obsessed with all things beauty related- so it was something I always felt called to pursue a career in. I have been in the industry since 2015, and in February this year my skin studio, The Boutique of Holistic Beauty opened!

What was your career path like and how did you gain your qualifications and experience? 
As soon as I finished high school I moved to Sydney to complete my Diploma of Beauty Therapy at Ella Bache College. I have since explored many avenues of the beauty industry including tanning, nails, lasers and makeup, but over time it became clear to me that my true passion was skin. During my experience working with skin in the industry is where I realised my passions for clean beauty and treating the skin holistically.

What then led you to start your own skin studio?
Having my own business in the beauty industry has always been my dream and starting my own skin studio has been a plan in the making for a very long time. I love that I am able to implement values that I am passionate about when working for myself- such as clean and sustainable beauty. Every product and treatment in my studio is something that I genuinely believe in and it feels fulfilling to be able to share that with my clients.

“I love that I am able to implement values that I am passionate about when working for myself such as clean and sustainable beauty. Every product and treatment in my studio is something that I genuinely believe in and it feels fulfilling to be able to share that with my clients.”

– Krystah Ranson, founder of The Boutique of Holistic Health

Your beautiful Surry Hills studio is all about internal health creating external beauty and focusing on treating the skin holistically from all angles (which I love!). Tell me more about these values and why they are so important to you and the experience you offer to your wonderful clients…
I always found that taking the time to look at the full picture when it came to a client’s skin achieved much better results. Our skin is a reflection of what is occurring in the body and certain areas of the face map out what is happening internally. Treating and protecting the skin is so much more than coming in for a 60 minute facial every few weeks. Factors such as stress, diet, hormones, medications, nutrient deficiencies, hydration and internal inflammation all play key roles in our skin health. It’s my mission to help my clients better understand how to care for their skin at home, in between clinic treatments and really nurture their skin in the long-run.

Clean beauty products are also key to your studio experience. What products do you use and what are the benefits of clean beauty?
My in-salon skincare ranges are O Cosmedics and Beauty Tofu. O Cosmedics is a conscious beauty range that avoids adding nasty, harmful ingredients or chemicals. Beauty Tofu is my organic, vegan range which uses active botanicals and is formulated to be cosmeceutical green beauty. On average women wear over 500 different chemicals a day and there can be serious long-term adverse effects that come with being exposed to some of these toxins (especially for those with sensitive skin). Clean beauty products work with your skin, not against it. For me clean beauty is also about factoring in sustainable and ethical beauty products. Being conscious of how our beauty routines impact the environment and how we can reduce waste in the salon is a strong value of mine also.

Let’s chat about your organic bespoke facial rituals (next time I’m in Sydney I NEED to try one!) that include all natural and botanically active products. What is included and what are the benefits?
My organic bespoke facial rituals are tailored to each individual’s skin concerns. I start with pressure and touch techniques to balance the body and mind as you settle into the treatment bed with essential oils. Followed by a deep cleanse and exfoliation with steam, to thoroughly remove dead skin cells and allow the ingredients of the next products to properly penetrate the skin. Next a botanically active mask is infused into the skin, complimented with our reiki inspired massage focusing on the neck, shoulder and décolletage, as well as aromatherapy inhalations and sound bowl healing. Finally I apply serum, moisturiser and SPF to complete the treatment. My clients will unwind and switch off from the world during this facial. Skin is left deeply cleansed and infused with beautiful active botanicals tailored toward their skin.

You do also offer more clinical grade facials on your menu to be equal parts results and relaxation driven. Tell me more about these types of treatments…
My clinical grade facials include derma-rolling and pro-dermal planning O Cosmedics enzyme and peel treatments. These are amazing for clients coming in with specific skin concerns such as acne, impaired skin barrier, scarring and pigmentation. As a therapist I have always been results driven and nothing makes me happier than a mind blowing before & after of my client.

As a business owner, what do you think is one of the biggest challenges you have overcome and learnt from?Running my skin studio on my own comes with many challenges, you take on all of the responsibility and learn to become a problem solver as a business owner. But along with the challenges come many rewards and changing people’s skin and self-confidence through my business is the biggest one for me! It’s a big transition going from an employee to a business owner but I have learnt that when your heart is in it you can’t fail!

What has been a highlight for you on your business journey?
Being a fairly new business, my biggest highlight so far has been the success of my treatments and results that my clients have been able to achieve from my treatments. I am so grateful that the Bespoke Holistic Facials have landed well with my clientele and that my vision for my skin studio has been recognised.

What is next for your business?
Currently I am in the midst of completing a certification for reiki. I’m excited to incorporate reiki into my treatment menu and offer my clients additional reiki inspired facials that will not only deliver on skin but also create a tranquil and deeply relaxing experience, so stay tuned for that!

Where can we find you to make our bookings and follow you on socials Krystah?
Your can find our website here and find us on Instagram and Facebook @theboutiqueofholisticbeauty. Come visit us at Suite 7, 63-73 Ann Street, Surry Hills Sydney, and mention The Daily Pretty for 15% off your first Bespoke Holistic Facial!

Thank you for sharing your career and business journey and your knowledge about treating our skin with a holistic approach with clean beauty treatments and products that work with us Krystah! Ladies, if you live in Sydney or on your next visit make sure you check out The Boutique of Holistic Beauty for a beautiful treatment and some me time while rejuvenating your skin back to its optimal health through TBOHB’s nurturing and holistic approach.

Hayley x

Hayley Payne

Chief Editor

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