Creating an office space that works for you & your team

When starting out in your biz, renting an office or joining a co-working space is a fantastic option. As you grow and at the right stage on your business journey it might make sense to build your own premises. There’s a lot of value in doing so! For example, you’ll save on rent, plus you’ll be able to truly make the space your own. Building a spacecan come with it’s challenges and there are lots of considerations you will need to think about. Let’s take a look at the top things to consider when investing in your own office space.

Where Will It Be?
There’ll be some limitations regarding where you’re able to build your office space. Much of it will have to do with your budget. When you’re deciding where to build your office, first of all think about accessibility and proximity to your customers, clients and suppliers. 

Made to Last
If you’re going to take the considerable amount of time you need to build an office, then it’s important that you’re completely happy with the work and that the office is made to last. Building your own workspace is an investment that’ll pay off time and time again, but only if the building is up to standard. When you’re looking for commercial builders, make sure you check past reviews, their work, credibility, and so on. If you hire the best people for your new office, then you’ll have peace of mind that it’ll turn out exactly as you want.

Into the Future
When it comes to the design of your building, it’s important to think about the future of your company. You’ll want to be in this office for at least ten years. Will it be fit for purpose at this stage? You’ll want to think about any expansion plans, whether you’re going to allow employees to work from home (and will thus need less space), and so on. The building should serve your company just as well at those stages. 

On-Brand Design
All offices are more than just a workspace. They’re a reflection of your brand. Sometimes, there’s not all that much you can do to put your company’s feel and atmosphere into the office. But when you’re building a space, then you’ll have the perfect opportunity to build your brand into the fabric of the building. During the design stage, think about your branding, and how the design of your office will influence your branding. Even when you look at sites like office monster for supplies and furniture, think about the design of your office and the environment you are looking to create, and buy accordingly. For example, if you’re a young and progressive company, then the office should be modern, clean and encompass your brand.

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