5 easy practices for a holistic approach to looking after yourself

Leading a healthier lifestyle can help us to improve in so many ways. When you eat well and exercise often you’ll improve your mood, your sleep, and energy levels. With the right self-care practices you can look after your mental health, and focus on positive goals. To ensure you are looking after yourself in a holistic way, let’s look at five easy practices you can introduce RN!

1 . A regular yoga practice

Exercise is the key to a healthy body and mind, and yoga is one of the most nourishing practices to support your overall health. It’s not enough to do just one class here and there, you need regular practice, to reap the benefits and improve. Don’t worry if you don’t have lots of time to spare. Try squeezing in a quick fifteen minute session, every morning or evening. Check out the Daily Yoga app for both short sessions and longer classes. The app is suitable for all levels!

2. Read more often

According to a study from SACAP,  ‘reading can be good for your mental health as well as your interpersonal relationships.’ SACAP research showed that reading was helpful to improve mental flexibility, empathy, and to enhance cognitive function. Why not challenge yourself to read for at least twenty minutes a day? If you can squeeze in more, all the better! Not sure what to read? Check out a local book club, or even a book club online.

3 . Don’t skip your check ups

Improving your health doesn’t have to be hard, simple steps like booking your health checks makes all the difference. Schedule in physical exams and gynecology appointments at regular intervals. Have your eyes tested annually, and see your dentist every six months. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth you might want to look into the best invisalign. Invisible braces are a great discreet option to straighten your teeth.

3. Positive affirmations

Positive thinking is the best way to improve your mental health and boost your mood. Retraining your brain to dismiss negative thought patterns can be tough. With the help of positive affirmations, the process becomes easier. Positive affirmations are basically positive statements, helping us to focus on the good, and let go of negativity. Practice writing down positive affirmations each day, to boost your well being. A few examples include:

  • I choose abundance and happiness.
  • I can overcome challenges.
  • I let go of self doubt.
  • I believe in myself.

4. Get the healthy apps

There are lots of apps which can inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle. For mental health apps check out Happify and Sanvello. For physical health apps take a look at 7 minute Workout and Nike Training Club.

5. Grow your own veggies or herbs

Want to eat more nutritious veggies? Love adding fresh herbs to your meals? Why not grow your own! Growing your own foods helps you to go greener and get more exercise, as well as eat healthier. When you’re starting out, focus on foods that are easy to grow. A few great options include tomatoes, spring onions and peas.

When you’re improving your health regime it can be useful to set health goals. Whether you want to get glowing skin or exercise more often, goals can help you to focus your energy. Which tips will you be trying this week?

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