Breakfast for busy women in 15 minutes or less

Do you roll out of bed and straight to work without taking time to nourish yourself in some way?  Do you think your day is going to progress well is you begin well if you begin with frantic, disheveled energy? Mornings are about intention and grounding. Especially if your job is a stress fest – take some time for YOU before anyone else enters your bubble!  You’ll feel less triggered by external forces when your internal force has been properly nourished.  If you’re not hungry in the morning or start working really early, make some breakfast to go and carve out time later to eat. Starting work early is not an excuse for skipping a meal!  If you have no idea what to eat in the morning – well, you’re in luck, Alexis from Mana Wellness is about to solve that problem with an e-book packed full of delicious breakfast recipes that take 15 minutes or less and are completely travel friendly! If even a maximum of 15 minutes is too much then there is still a solution and that’s protein yogurt. Protein isn’t just essential for healthy muscles. It also fills you up to keep those pesky hunger pangs at bay. A protein yogurt is a ready-made breakfast that’s ready to go wherever and whenever you do. Just add your own spoon. If you want extra nourishment then have a banana too!

Get your complimentary copy of Breakfast for Busy Women: 8 Nutrient Dense Breakfasts ready in 15 minutes or less:

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