Easy breezy beach waves with Holiday Hair’s Easy Beach Waver

Have you always struggled to get those beautiful beach waves at home? Have you tried different hair styling tools from curling wands to straighteners but still not happy with the end result (and the time it takes?) We hear you GF! Enter the Easy Beach Waver by Holiday Hair. The newest, innovative hair waver on the Australian market that will give you those effortless beach waves or Hollywood waves every single time. We sat down with Holiday Hair founder, Belinda Asta to chat all about creating her brand during COVID-19 to the successful launch and future plans.

Hi Belinda, we are so excited to chat to you today about your brand new, must have hair waver – the Easy Beach Waver. First up, what inspired your brand Holiday Hair?
This brand was developed out of necessity really. Last year, during COVID-19 I found myself isolated at home with a ten week old baby. I needed to come up with a business where I could work from home whilst looking after a young baby, and I thought about a product I wish I could buy and created it. I have always had trouble curling my own hair. Most of my adult life I have had a short bob and found it very tricky to curl with a straightener. I just wanted to be able to create bends in my hair for that “undone” look and there was nothing on the market that gave me the look I wanted.

That is such an amazing achievement, and congratulations on launching your first product – the Easy Beach Waver. We want to know all about it! How is the Easy Beach Waver different?
It is like any other styling wand only the shape of the barrel is oval. It is a continuous shape all the way along and does not taper like others on the market. It literally creates the perfect wave by simply wrapping your hair around the barrel. The size of the barrel is great for short hair as it is only 2cm wide whereas most standard barrels are at least 2.54cm wide making it harder to get a wave effect on short hair.

What are some of the key features and benefits of the Easy Beach Waver?
It comes with a handy travel pouch. It has adjustable temperature so you can set it depending on your hair type, where as many on the market are set to one temperature. It has safety auto shut off after 60 minutes, an extra long swivel cord for convenient styling and a safety stand so that you can rest it down without worrying about burning your vanity. It also has a ceramic coating with negative ion technology for a smooth frizz free wave.

Could you share some styling tips and hair hacks with us?
As standard, The Easy Beach Waver can be used to create two different looks: Beach Waves or Hollywood Waves. We have super simple and helpful “How To” videos on our website. It can also be used to add volume to your pony tail which is a quick way to finish your look with big results.

“I did have a lot of ups and downs and definitely setbacks because of COVID19, but I just kept pushing through. Never give up”

Belinda Asta, founder of Holiday Hair.

We are all about sharing business journeys and advice here at TDP. Talk us through your biz journey from concept to launch
I was lucky enough to connect with a great manufacturer from day one. I did have many ups and downs and definitely a lot of setbacks due to COVID-19, but I just kept pushing through. From the initial idea to the first prototype which was an epic fail, to now having a finished product we have just launched has only been a 9 month process which is fairly quick. But I was extremely motivated being in the situation I was in and spent every free minute (mostly at all hours of the night) working on creating this amazing waver.

If you had one piece of advice you wish you had during your biz journey what would it be?
To never give up. There were times I could have easily said to myself “this is all too hard” but I’m too stubborn for that!

What’s next for Holiday Hair?
A few ideas in the works but you’ll have to stay tuned!

Where can we shop the Easy Beach Waver and connect with you on socials?
Shop the range here at www.holidayhair.com.au and follow us on Instagram @holidayhair_australia

Thank you Belinda for sharing your amazing biz story. Your commitment and determination is so inspiring and what an amazing brand and product you have created. Be sure to check out Holiday Hair for you next hair waver babes! We are so excited to see what is next for this beautiful Australian brand.

Team TDP x

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