Movement check in: 4 ways to make it fun

As we head into a brand new month, it’s a great time to do a quick movement check in: are you getting enough? If you don’t do regular fitness, then it can have an impact on how your body feels, how tired you might get and also contributes to health problems further down the line. So if you want to continue feeling your best, here are four ways to start moving today!

Take Up Dance Classes

Dance classes are always fun to do and something that you should definitely give a go if you’ve never done it before. It might be that you’re interested in doing something that you’ve always been interested in like ballet or tap for example. Or maybe, you’re looking for a new way of getting fit and that isn’t something as simple as going to the gym or taking up a sport. Dancing can really help to burn the calories and a lot more than you think too. So it’s worth checking out all your local classes that are available and perhaps approach some dance studios to see what’s available through them. There will always be some form of dance class going on in your area, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one.

Do Couch To 5K

If you’ve not done exercise in a while, going to the gym or attempting to join a sports club might be too much. However, there are some basic workouts that you can do in order to build yourself up to getting fit again. The couch to 5k is something that many will tend to do when they’re looking to get into that groove but at perhaps a slower rate. The aim is to do a number of runs, working your way slowly up to 5k. Doing a 5k isn’t easy when you’ve never done long-distance running before, but it can certainly be beneficial to keep you fit and healthy.

Invest In Some Home Workout Equipment

Home work equipment can be good for those who want to work out but struggle to find the motivation to work out in gyms or outside of the home. By investing in a few home equipment pieces whether it be dumbbells, resistance bands or full-scale equipment like a running or rowing machine, it can all help towards improving your fitness and to finding that comfortable space that you need in order to work out. Sometimes, people simply enjoy working out in the privacy of their own homes, rather than being around others.

Keep Up With Healthy Eating

Healthy eating goes hand in hand with working out. If you’re not eating well, then it’s likely you’re going to not feel as great. Make sure that you’re finding ways to give yourself a healthier balance of food and that the food you eat is supporting your workout sessions too. There’s no need to remove food that perhaps may be unhealthy though.

What will you be incorporating into your movement routine?

Team TDP x

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