When change is as good as a holiday

When you think about your hairstyle, it does actually play a big part in your identity. This might be why it can be scary to make a change, especially if they’ve sported the same look for awhile and it is their go-to look. They could feel as though they are losing part of their identity; it could even be as far to say what if people don’t recognize them? What if everything else changes too? 

In reality, getting a new hairstyle can be a positive. Let’s look at why changing your look could be as good as a holiday!

Boosts Your Confidence 

It’s amazing how much just a cut and color can do, and an entirely new style can do even more to help you feel refreshed and give you an easy confidence boost. Even your stress can feel less after a morning at the salon, it’s the perfect way to relax, treat yourself and enjoy some well deserved self care. It will also make sure you are taking care of your hair with regular trims and treatments.

New styling tips

Getting a fresh new look means changing how you style your hair after getting home from the salon. If you simply tie your hair up in a ponytail or messy bun when you leave the house and give it a quick brush through in the morning, it can be a struggle to understand that there are other ways to style your look! When you get a new style that needs you to take on some new styling, you’ll learn a lot more about your hair and how to take better care of it. From using the right shampoo to applying bhave Fresh Ends for your split ends to using gels and sprays, the more you know, the more fun you can have with your style. Don’t worry if you just want something that’s easy to deal with, though; speak to your stylist, and they’ll be able to come up with the perfect look that also works with your lifestyle.

You need a change

If you constantly have bad hair days and your current look isn’t working for you – change it! It’s that simple. Change really can be good as a holdiay!

A fresh new hairstyle can give you a simple confidence boost, feel fresh and rejuvenated and enjoy some much deserved me time at the salon. Is it time for a change GF? Go for it!

Team TDP x

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