What Can You Do When Self Care Stops Working?

The self-care revolution has been essential for helping everyone, from career women to busy mothers, to prevent burnout and give themselves some time to refocus and treat themselves, without feeling guilty. However, as effective as this self-care routine can be, there may come the point where it stops working. When this occurs, you can feel lost; you are not sure what to do, so what is the solution? Here are four things to consider when your self-care routine stops working to help refresh and reinvigorate it.

Review and reset

The idea of starting a different routine might feel too overwhelming, but if your existing self-care routine has lost its effectiveness, it could be the best place to begin. Think about what works best for you, and it could be that you only went through your current methods out of habit. Now is your chance to re-evaluate what is important to you, and you can make the most effective elements from what you know to create a self-care routine that suits your lifestyle and current place in your life. 

Speak to a Professional 

Perhaps a revitalized routine still doesn’t hit the spot, though. Perhaps something has happened in your life that demands a more considered, professional opinion. Whether for trauma or aspects of your personal life and relationships, counselling is an effective alternative that you can use in conjunction with your self-care routine. The types of professionals can help you unlock the secret to any stress and anxiety you are experiencing, and they can offer advice on how to overcome it, and how to implement practices to manage it better. 

Reach Out to Friends 

Your friends mean it when they say they are there for you, no matter what happens (even when the rain starts to fall). Sometimes, you can get so swept up in your self-care routine that you forget about the importance of connections and friendships. If your routine has stopped working as you’re used to, you may just need to reach out and reconnect with those closest to you. Doing so can refresh your life and your mind, and it will give you a new perspective that can help you tackle any issues. 

Hold Yourself Accountable

Accountability is a crucial element when it comes to trying to achieve your goals. But, if your self-care routine doesn’t feel the same, you need to be honest with yourself. Ask whether you have become complacent or you are not trying as hard as you once did to look after yourself. You might find out that you have become too lazy to really look after yourself, and this has produced a lackadaisical attitude that doesn’t hit the right spot. 

A Plan B

As much as you hope your self-care routine lasts a lifetime, you must understand that your growth and success can affect this. There may come the point where your routine is not as effective as it once was, for whatever reason. With this in mind, it’s important to take a step back and develop a Plan B so you can continue to look after yourself, no matter what life throws at you. 

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