4 ways to boost your teams vibe at work

Taking good care of your employees helps to keep them happy, engaged and motivated to continue to do good work, is fantastic for morale and naturally improves employee retention. There are several big things to take care of, such as ensuring your staff members are paid well and kept safe at work. But there are also smaller things that you can offer your team that go a long way to making your work environment one they will look forward to coming to each day! Sometimes your team deserves a reward or just a special surprise to show them that you appreciate them! This might be something you offer as an ongoing perk or it could be every few month. Try these ideas to give your employees something fun!

Have “Bring your pet to work days

Not every business is suitable for pets, but more and more companies are allowing their employees to bring them into work. This might be something that just happens on occasion or it could be allowed on a more permanent basis. In practice, this usually means that people will bring their dogs in, since they tend to be the most common pet that’s trained well enough to behave in an office. It’s important if you allow pet days to set expectations and standards for pets, ensuring they behave well.

Provide a range of tasty snacks

Everyone likes to come into the break room and discover that there are unexpected treats. It can help to break up the day and offer something to look forward to. Instead of expecting employees to take it in turns to provide snacks, consider being the one who surprises them with food. You might arrange a cake delivery every time someone has a party or perhaps order lunch for everyone now and then. They’ll appreciate the gesture, particularly if you go to the effort to accommodate everyone’s dietary restrictions and preferences. Make sure no one gets left out!

Have casual days

If your office tends to have a more formal dress code, your employees can enjoy the chance to have a more casual day. They can come in wearing something more comfortable and casual, allowing them to feel more relaxed for the day. On the other hand, you could also consider relaxing your dress code on a more permanent basis. Perhaps there’s no need for your employees to be dressed too formally, especially if they’re not dealing with the public or anyone else who might assess them and your company based on what they’re wearing.

Set up comfortable break areas

When your staff members want to take a break, they should have somewhere comfortable to go. They should be able to have a rest, get something to eat and drink, and even have some time on their own if they want to. A comfortable break area should go beyond the basics to allow employees to really relax. It might have a TV and even a video game console or other things to entertain your employees when they take a break.

Give your employees some treats by setting up some things for them to enjoy, whether planned or as a surprise! It can make a big difference to your teams day.

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