How Busy Women Can Find Time for Self Care

When you’re busy, finding the time for self care can be a challenge. We know self care is all about looking after yourself both inside and out, so sometimes it’s a struggle to find time to read books or learn new things, as well as feeling and looking your best! Both of these things are important for a balance, holistic self care routing. Let’s look at some simple ways to incorporate self care into everyday routines.

Use Your Lunch Break to Get Pampered

Your lunch break might be the only time you get to relax during the day. Not everyone likes the idea of using their break for a haircut or a facial, but for some, it’s the ideal way to unwind. You could leave work and go and get pampered for half an hour, and even return to work with a brand new look. Of course, this is easier to do if you have an hour or so for lunch. It will give you more time to leave and come back without feeling rushed.

Straighten Your Teeth the Modern Way

If you’d like to have straighter teeth, you might be avoiding the issue due to the thought of having braces. Not only are traditional braces very visible but they can take a long time to straighten your teeth and require multiple dentist visits. Another option is to use the more modern Invisalign invisible aligners. These are clear plastic aligners that are made to fit your teeth and help straighten them out. You get a set of them to use and change them as your teeth start to get straighter. They’re practically invisible and you can take them out when you want.

Exercise at Your Desk

Finding the time to work out if you’re busy at work might be tough, but there are ways to exercise without leaving the office. One option is to get a mini exercise bike, which you can use at your desk. You stay in your chair and put your feet in the pedals so you can pedal and work at the same time. Most of them are very quiet so you won’t disturb your colleagues and some can be used with your hands too. Other ways to exercise at your desk are available too, such as stretching.

Craft a Quick Hair and Makeup Routine

Even getting ready in the morning can be a struggle when you’re in a rush. You don’t want to spend too much time working on your image when you have important things to do. But if you want to make sure you look presentable before walking out the door, come up with a quick routine that you’re happy with. It might mean simply putting your hair in a neat ponytail. You might wear only minimal makeup or perhaps none at all. Just find something that you’re happy with and that you can do in five to ten minutes.

You might be busy, but you can still find time to incorporate self care into your everyday routine!

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