Moments Condoms: empowering women to #takecharge

Did you know that 68% of women say they are not completely comfortable buying condoms? Well Australian based company Moments Condoms are empowering women to #takecharge, make the good times, safe times and have created the Moments Condoms Movement, dedicated to empower women to celebrate and protect their sexual health through support, education and an amazing range of products. We find out all about this amazing brand in our exclusive interview, one not to be missed.

Tell us all about Moments Condoms and how it all started…
It’s simple. We really just want your intimate moments to be safe moments! At Moments Condoms, we are for women and we are for men. We’re for anyone who wants to have a good time. But our true passion and reason for being is to empower women to celebrate and protect their sexual health. At Moments, we believe that women should feel confident purchasing condoms and have no hesitation when deciding to make the good times, safe times. We couldn’t believe it when we discovered that 37% of Australians said they’ve had unprotected sex in the last month*, so #nojudgement but that’s a lot of near misses. We started in 2008 to design condoms for pleasure and durability and we launched in 2017. We want everyone to feel confident purchasing and carrying condoms. We can all feel good when it comes to leading the charge, protecting ourselves and our partners.

What products do you have in your range, what are the benefits and how are they better and different?
We have a range of condom products here to service the women who are ready to take the power back into their sex lives. We have expanded our range since we started because we grow so rapidly and wanted to meet the needs of your demands. You said you wanted prettier packaging, so we developed themed wrappers. From Christmas to Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day themes, we created it all. We have every size (extra-large if size does matter) and now we come in cheeky flavours too. Watermelon is our most popular. Cola is another fun one we are proud of. We have ribbed and dotted and extra thin with extra lubrication types too. All are vegan and use premium quality natural rubber latex condoms, which are lubricated and non-spermicidal. 

What makes us different? We aren’t just a product brand, we are here to educate and make a difference to the world of sexual health. We are a condom brand here to empower women. Most condoms we see on the market are targeted at men (which makes sense). But we want women to feel comfortable purchasing condoms for themselves. We want them to be proud to be sexual beings and to be safe while doing it. 

We love the Moments Condoms Movement and how it is all about empowering women to #takecharge. What does that mean and how do you educate and encourage women to do this?
For Moments, we are all about women empowerment. We have done the research, and it isn’t just men who should feel powerful and confident when it comes to their sex life. We think everyone should be making educated decisions, and with Moments condoms, people have the options they deserve. Yes, we are a brand of condoms, but our mission is more than just selling. 

Our mission is to inform and educate so people, especially women, can feel empowered and confident. So how do we empower? We do this by sharing stories, by creating content that is here to bring joy, make this feel fun while also educating women to feel more inspired. We do this with our social media, our email marketing and our blog content. Our vegan brand is conscious and kind. We listen to the needs of women who want to feel empowered and safe when it comes to ‘play’ and everything we do, reflects that. From our packaging with thought-provoking affirmations on the condoms, to our social media platforms that educate and inspire, we are a movement indeed and we have got you covered! No pun intended! Wink, wink!  We also bring on amazing and inspiring ambassadors to be role models for women everywhere. We are trying to take the “taboo” out of sexual women. 

So, it’s pretty staggering that 68% of women say they aren’t completely comfortable buying condoms! Moments are all about changing that, tell us more about the movement…
We think so too! STDs are viruses too and we can help prevent the spread by encouraging more women to feel proud about making their own health choices. According to a sex survey, only 37 percent of women take a condom with them when they go on a date where they think they may have sex. However, the reasons why women wouldn’t, include: “not wanting to look presumptuous”, “not liking them” or “being too embarrassed”.

One of the key messages from Moments is to encourage men and women to take responsibility for their sexual health. Everyone can do this by communicating and being confident to carry condoms with them when they go out! If only 37 per cent of women take a condom on a night out, Moments want to empower women to feel instead sexy but also responsible. Gone are the days where it was considered the man’s job to have a condom on him. If it’s not on, it’s not on, and women can be responsible for this cultural change that we see happening. Every day we are getting more momentum, but for those still shy, we can also offer online shopping. It doesn’t just stop with women empowerment. It is the work with Corporate Social Responsibility that helps Moments stand above the rest, making us an active leader in the International Market.

“Be brave and be proud, your future self will thank you” is front and centre of the Moments message. Why is this key to your brand and how do you support this message for your community?
This is an extension of the affirmations printed on our indivisible condoms. White with hot pink minimalist writing that tells you “Good Times Inside”, “Take Charge” and “Know Your Worth” are a bold and empowering statement and reminder when you’re in the heat of the ‘moment’. As we have mentioned, 68% of women say they aren’t comfortable buying condoms. If they aren’t comfortable doing that, then what else are they not comfortable doing? 

We collaborate with health experts and females who want to make better health choices and by using protection, we know that we are creating a movement of women who are less likely to use the “morning after” birth control pill or merely preventing STDs. How can your future self not be proud of that?  We know, the more we do something, the more we step out of our comfort zone – the easier it gets. So if we are brave now, if we are proud of who we are, the future us will be able to achieve more than we thought possible. At Moments, we aim to do this in many ways. We create content that breaks the mould. We back women through our partnerships and we create education that helps build a community of women who support each other! Sometimes it is easier to be brave with support around you. 

“Our true passion and reason for being is to empower women to celebrate and protect their sexual health. We create content that breaks the mould. We back women through our partnerships and we create education that helps build a community of women who support each other! Sometimes it is easier to be brave with support around you.”

– Moments condoms

Tell us about your partners, the amazing work you do with them and why this is an important part of Moments Condoms?
We’re all for supporting the health and wellbeing of women (and men). These partnerships help us not only help more people, but it helps us band together to create something truly special. We are more powerful in numbers, right? Our partnerships include/have included:

·  McGrath Foundation: we formed a partnership in 2018 to help raise much needed funds for this foundation

·  International AIDS Society: Moments is helping to prevent AIDS and HIV is through our support of the International AIDS Society. We have taken our partnership to the next level, where 5% of our sales in Australia will be donated to IAS to help them into research into HIV science and AIDS research

·  Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation: Moments Condoms is proud to support the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation (DTHF). DTHF is a not-for-profit organisation on a mission to lessen the impact of the HIV epidemic on individuals and communities. Moments Condoms is lending assistance to the latest DTHF initiative, the Zimele Project – distributing condoms to more than 20,000 to youth.

·  Women’s Health and Wellbeing: Moments is helping to promote safe sex to young Australian’s through a partnership with Women’s Health and Wellbeing Barwon South West, an organisation that works in partnership with regional communities to support initiatives to prevent illness and promote independence, health and well-being for local women. As a key sponsor, we donated 14,000 condoms to the Port Fairy community during the Port Fairy Folk Festival in March 2018 to promote safe sex and health

·  Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras: Moments Condoms were a ‘Supporting Partner’ and ‘Official Condom Sponsor’ during the 2019 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival

·  Elephant Ed: Moments Condoms working with Elephant Ed to assist with sexual education in youth. Elephant Ed is a leading youth-led provider in the sexual education industry. The organisation provides Australian schools with interactive and educational sex education workshops

What is planned for 2021, and do you have any new products or developments you can let us in on?
In 2021, our new Date Box is changing the way partners connect! We feel like we discovered a way to make date night – a whole intimate experience and not just about eating out. We developed this item during the lock down and realized that people who chose to partner up and not go out, had lots of fun staying in! Since the pandemic, how we date has changed, and we are working with a range of talented content creators who show us just how much fun they have with our brand and why being safe and protected is important for them too. There is a range of new stuff coming out in 2021/22….but we can’t share yet but it’s gonna be one hell of an innovative year. We are always developing and expanding, and it happens organically when our customers give us feedback. Why don’t you drop us a line or slide into our DMs to tell us what you want more of, or if we are coming on way too strong? We’d love to hear from you! 

What is the one message of empowerment you would like our readers to take from this feature?
You are the future. Your health is in your hands. For us, we want women reading this to not feel embarrassed about their sex life. To take control over their own sexual health and not feel pressured to go condom free. With unexpected pregnancies and STIs still occurring regularly, we want to ensure all women feel safe and empowered to speak up when they don’t feel comfortable. We want all women to feel empowered about sex, to have fun with it but also be mindful that actions will always lead to an outcome (whether good or bad). In addition to that, we also want men to be held accountable and to also take charge of their sexual health. To understand the implications and to always empower men and women everywhere to feel comfortable. 

Where can we find you?
You can find us at , follow us on Instagram @momentscondoms and check out our Facebook.

Thank you so much for sharing your brand and mission with us! We are totally on board with the Moments Condoms Movement and empowering women to #takecharge. Make the good times, safe times and shop the range with 20% off! Simply enter DAILYMOMENTS20 at checkout.

Team TDP x

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