Is your self care routine working for you?

Self care and taking care of your mental health go hand in hand. And we are not just talking about face masks and beach walks (though we a big fans of those too!). We are talking about the inner self care that you do for yourself. There are plenty of unique activities you can add to your self-care routine, whether it’s writing in a journal; starting a meditation practice, or ayurveda aromatherapy.

You might like to do things like enjoying nature more often, or start new wholesome hobbies that are good for mind, body and soul! There are also so many excellent self-care apps you can try, such as My Possible Self, Shine, or Ten Percent Happier.

The benefits of a consistent, balanced self care routine are amazing and help to bring relaxation and a real sense of well being. During the working week, when you have less time, even if you can only fit in ten minutes of self-care a day, it’s still totally worth it and can make a big difference. For more tips we chat more about this here!


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