Do reusable period care products really work? Short answer…YES…and Pelvi have you covered!

Have you thought about making the switch from single use period products to something more environmentally friendly and that’s actually less expensive in the long run, but not sure what’s out there and how these amazing alternatives work? Then keep reading GF! I sat down with the awesome team at Pelvi, your go-to brand for sustainable alternatives to traditional period care located right here on the Gold Coast to chat all about it. We also dive into empowering women, education, advice and support for that time of the month (because let’s face it – we should all be comfortable enough to talk about it freely and openly!), running their biz plus exciting plans for the year ahead. PLUS a sneaky super fab discount and offer for all of our TDP babes is included. YAY!

Hi ladies, I am so thrilled to be chatting to you all about Pelvi, your amazing product range and the incredible work you do to empower and support women. Let’s kick it off with what was the inspiration behind creating Pelvi and how did your brand come to be and launch?
We wanted to create a unique variety of sustainable alternatives to traditional period care through providing the best quality products. We believe that the future of period care can be sustainable. Our products allow women to trial different options to find what works best with their body.

We love your brand mission “Empowering women with natural, innovative, health products.”  How does Pelvi help women do this?
We are a company run by women for women. We believe we are the experts in the game, whether it’s encouraging women to seek a product which works best for them; or opening up a conversation about pelvic health issues that usually aren’t spoken about. We are here for all the TMI topics and try to empower women to engage to break that stigma.

Let’s chat more about your products and how they can empower women to make better choices for their bodies as well as the environment when it comes to that time of the month. First up, we need to know more about leak proof underwear! We’ve heard a lot about leak proof undies, how do they actually work and what are the benefits?
Our leakproof undies come in three styles – full brief, bikini and G-string, which allows protection for all types of leaks and flows. Pelvi leakproof undies can hold up to 3 tampons worth of liquid and can either be a substitute for typical menstrual products or can be used in conjunction with other products for extra protectionThere are SO many benefits of changing to leakproof underwear. The obvious change being they are reusable – no more single use menstrual products ending up in landfill! But not only are these undies better for the environment they are also better for your body. Single use menstrual products often contain artificial fibres which can cause TSS. Pelvi undies are made from cotton and a breathable TPU layer keeping the bad stuff out but leaving you dry and fresh all day.

Next, we have reusable menstrual cups. What’s the low down on menstrual cups and again how do they work and what are the benefits?
Menstrual cups are an alternative to a single use tampon. It is inserted like a tampon but instead of absorbing liquid, collects it in the cup which when removed is discarded down the toilet. We have designed cups in a range of styles and sizes which can suit a variety of bodies – including teens. Similar to the Pelvi Undies, the Pelvi cup contains no nasty fibres meaning you can wear the cup for up to 8 consecutive hours as well as overnight. They don’t cause dryness or irritation and once it’s in you won’t even know it’s there.

How are both of these alternatives better for our bodies and the environment?
Made from a medical grade silicone, the Pelvi cup can be worn every single day of your period for up to 6 years. If our math is right that has the opportunity to save 1500 single use products from ending up in landfill. Plus think of the savings $$$. It’s a one and (nearly) done purchase – not the rush to the day and night pharmacy at 11pm because you’ve run out of tampons – dilemma. That’s for the environment, but as for our bodies. Our products are made with only the best materials keeping harmful fibres out and introducing technology that keeps you fresh, dry and smelling good all day. Plus, the underwear looks and feels great! No more period granny panties.

“We are a company run by women for women. We believe we are the experts in the game, whether it’s encouraging women to seek a product which works best for them; or opening up a conversation about pelvic health issues that usually aren’t spoken about. We are here for all the TMI topics and try to empower women to engage to break that stigma.”

– the pelvi team

A large part of Pelvi is also education! How does Pelvi help educate women and provide advice and support when it comes to pelvic health and that time of the month?
Many of our blog posts try to be relatable whilst still education women on various topics surrounding their bodies. There’s nothing worse than trying to find some information and being met with pages and pages of a lecture on tricky terminology. By opening up these conversations we are encouraging women to speak up about issues they may face that so many other women do to!

Reducing stigma and breaking taboos around pelvic health, pelvic floor issues and periods (which may we add, is SUPER refreshing to hear!) is also front and centre at Pelvi. Tell us more about why this is so important, and we need more of this in our communities!
Women make up half of the world’s population, and EVERY SINGLE MONTH we get our period – so why do we still cringe talking about it? Often, what comes along with Aunt Flow, can be a change in hormones, mood swings and pain – lots of pain. Reducing stigma about these can allow women to see what is normal surrounding their cycles. Similarly, with issues about pelvic floor health. So many women face slight levels of incontinence or prolapse which can leave women can feel helpless and alienated – when really so many other women are going through the same thing. Let’s talk about it hey?

What advice or tips would you give to those of us who want to switch and try leak proof undies and menstrual cups but still aren’t quite sure?
You won’t know if you never try! No, but really. Ease yourself in. Maybe start wearing the leakproof underwear with another protection option; or start with the teen size Pelvi cup. Practice makes perfect.

As a team of women in business, supporting other women…what is the most rewarding part of running your biz?
We love love LOVE hearing all the fabulous feedback from our customers. We love our products, and we love to hear that our customers love them too. It’s what makes us want to continue to provide state of the art sustainable period care.

Any exciting plans or new products for 2021 and can you gives us a sneak peek if what might be coming soon?
Well, well, well. Pelvi is up for a big 2021 with a couple of new ranges coming out. One that has already been rolled out to selected chemists is our beige coloured leakproof underwear. Keep your eyes peeled for them. We are also in the stages of bringing out an organic bamboo range of underwear to continue our commitment to providing a solution for single use menstrual products, as well as a teen range for early menstruators. 2021 is going to be a big year for Pelvi so keep posted!

Where can we find you to shop the range and join the Pelvi community on socials?
You can find us at or @pelviofficial on Instagram and Facebook for all your period needs. If you are hesitant to make the change now is the time to do it with 40% off our undies and cups with code DAILYPRETTY at checkout. New year, new you girls!

Thanks so much for sharing your business story, knowledge and advice all about sustainable period care and the amazing work Team Pelvi is doing! Check out the range here, and make the switch today with 40% off.

Hayley x

Hayley Payne

Chief Editor

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