Can how you spend your personal time impact your career?

The way you present ourselves at work, your work ethic – even the way that you talk to customers and colleagues, the time you spend working, and a range of other things can all influence the way your boss will view your career fulfillment and path. Sometimes it can be all too easy to overlook the way that your lifestyle outside of work could also influence this. Let’s explore a range of lifestyle choices that can result in a not so positive influence on your career, and to check in on your Monday to Friday routine.

While the people you spend time with shouldn’t influence your career, this can still be a big consideration for employers. Your boss could be concerned if they know that you spend time with people who are irresponsible, and this can eventually end up making people think that you fall into this category too. While you should never have to break up personal relationships for your career, but it could be worth thinking about how you see the people you care about who may not be aligned with your career and overall life direction goals. Discrimination is wrong, but it can be impossible to avoid when issues like this are at play.

Social Media
Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, giving you access to people and interest groups from across the world. Many people post on social media as if they are anonymous, despite the fact that their friends, family, and even colleagues are on the site, too. You should always avoid making public posts that are politically sensitive or could be controversial, saving these topics for when you know that you are talking to like-minded people. It’s becoming increasingly common for people to lose their jobs thanks to what they say on social media, and this is well worth avoiding.

Your social habits
Many workplaces have strict policies around alcohol and drugs, so the safest approach is – they simply do not mix, ever. Drug and alcohol testing is already common in some job roles, and this is likely to become more of a normal policy as time goes by. Always be mindful of how you conduct yourself when out with colleagues. Let’s be real, drinking too much anytime is not a good idea, especially at work events.

Remember, taking a holistic approach when it comes to your career is the best approach.


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