3 easy ways to jazz up your morning cup of tea

Do you find yourself getting bored with your routine morning cup of tea? Sometimes, you don’t always need your local coffee shop to whip up a delicious cup of your fave morning beverage! It all lies in your kitchen creativity and how well you spice things up to maintain interest in your morning tea routine. Did you know that 87% of millennials actually prefer tea over coffee? So here’s your chance to discover new ways to jazz up your morning brew!

Add mint leaves or peppermint oil
For some people peppermint tea is a holiday treat but what if you can make it a regular brew with your breakfast? To prepare this yourself, simply add a few drops of peppermint oil to the teapot when you start to brew the tea. Due to its overpowering taste and aroma, adding only a little to get it right is recommended.  Another alternative is to use mint leaves, this piece of nature is notable for its several health benefits. It’s a powerful remedy for irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion, and cold symptoms. The healthy enzymes in these leaves also help combat bad breath. Most importantly, nutritionists believe mint infused in hot water improves brain function and creates an enhanced energy reserve for the body. You can’t underestimate the effects of mint-infused tea! So, even though your original mission was to spice up your morning beverage, it also helps to know that you stand to benefit from its many health properties.

Add boba pearls
Have you ever tried how to make boba pearls at home? These are delicious and chewy cooked tapioca balls that you can add to your tea anytime. Tapioca is an extract from the South American cassava plant originally found in Brazil. However, Taiwan is known as the motherland of tapioca. For your jazzed up tea, the best tapioca balls to use are the ones from BBT Club, who source their raw material from Taiwan. Boba pearls typically take 20 -25mins to cook in boiling water. You can also sweeten it with brown sugar or honey.

Change your regular leaves or tea brand
As the saying goes, ‘change is the only constant in life.’ Understandably, you may like to stick to what you know and particular brewers, leaves, or tea brands. But that can get tiring, monotonous, and unappealing! So, switch things up a bit and grab a new tea brand box from the local health food store and try out the unique taste and flavor. 

The tea industry is a multi-million industry, so you can never lose out on the countless trusted brands and varieties available worldwide. If you’re uncertain what to go for, visit a specialty tea house. These places are known for allowing customers to sample different or selected brands before purchasing a bag or box. Spice up your morning tea with these ideas listed here. There are so many others you can experiment with. For example, cinnamon, basil leaves, grated ginger, and fruit-based teas are edible wonders that taste ah-mazing. In the mornings, it’s recommended to drink your tea hot to cleanse your system. However, you can enjoy the same recipe at any other point in the day but with a cold twist. Enjoy!


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