Ways to practice self care through challenging times

It’s fair to say the last year came with it’s challenges and some and many of us have been through something tough, unprecedented and stressful. That means the importance of practicing self care is more relevant than ever! We’re going to talk about some of the ways in which you can do exactly that today, so if you need a little reminder GF, read on!

Allow Yourself a Decadent Indulgence Once in a While
It’s all about balance and moderation, so doing something that you enjoy that’s a little decadent or indulgent now and then is ok! Treating yourself to something that is important to you and you have worked for, a spa day or special beauty treatment or even a beautiful dinner with friends are all things that you should enjoy to reward yourself and add a little spice and enjoyment into the mix! It could be even simpler, like your favourite chocolate or dessert you like to enjoy from time to time. 

Learn Something New
Learning something new is a way of treating yourself and looking after yourself if you’re someone who understands the importance of knowledge and understanding. When people say that knowledge is power, it’s totally accurate! Maybe there’s a skill that you’ve been looking to pick up but you haven’t put your mind to it yet; and maybe now is the time to make that happen.

Treat yourself to a Massage
Getting a massage is the perfect way of relaxing and taking things easy when you’ve been through a difficult and stressful time. Lots of people make massages delivered by a professional masseuse part of their regular routines, and they’re much happier and more relaxed for it. It’s definitely something that you should think about looking into as well.

Treat yourself to something that has special meaning
Rewarding your successes is not something to be viewed as a negative thing. Too often, we skip over the good things in our lives and focus too much on the negatives, but it shouldn’t be that way. When you succeed at something that you’ve been working hard at, treat yourself. Maybe it’s the Opals Australia jewellery you’ve had your eye on or perhaps a new dress you love the look of.

Give Yourself More Time for You
Sometimes the very best way to treat yourself and to look after yourself better is to simply give yourself more time alone and more time to yourself. When you’re busy with work and you’re always spending time taking care of the family or other commitments, it can be tough to find time for you. And there’s nothing at all wrong with wanting to be alone from time to time. It’s a positive thing for most of us!

Sometimes, you just have to put aside your hesitations and put yourself first! Give it a try, you might feel a lot better about yourself and better able to take on the challenges you’re facing from day to day if you put some time aside to relax and treat yourself in a positive way. Your deserve it GF!


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