Starting a retail supply business in health care

All kinds of medical professionals need the right supplies to do their jobs. Most medical supplies are bought from specialist companies that have a niche. There are a lot of big medical supply companies, but it is still possible for an independent medical supply business to do well in this industry. If you’re interested in starting a retail business and want to work in the health care industry, then a medical supply company could be the answer. Target a niche. The medical industry is really varied, so in order to be successful, you need to narrow your business to a niche. Who is your key target market? Do you sell supplies to opticians, care homes, midwives, or home health workers for example? Will you make your own products to fill a need, or bring together the best of existing products? Find a niche and find a target market. 

Check your licenses and permits. In some places, you need to have a license to sell medical supplies. This won’t be needed for all kinds of supplies, especially if you choose to specialize in equipment rather than medicines, but find out if this is the case for the kind of supplies you want to sell. You also need to make sure you have any required permits for owning a retail business. Check what is needed in your area, and get all your paperwork straight as soon as you can. Find the right place to store your supplies. Medical supplies must be handled with care, so you need the right place to keep your stock. A commercial warehouse or clean room that is temperature-controlled and fitted out by Medifit works well. Your storage facility must be clean and free of dust to stop your supplies from becoming contaminated. Consider transport too. Do you need to ship things securely and safely or transport samples to clients?

Establish wholesale accounts with distributors of medical equipment that fit your niche. Buying wholesale is the easiest way to make sure you make a profit. You can often find potential distributors online, in the phone book, or in business directories. In order to open a wholesale account, you will likely need to show some business documentation and might have to order a minimum amount. Generate business by offering medical professionals incentives to use your medical supplies company. For example, you could offer incentives like discounted or free shipping, free delivery within your local area, or discounts for orders of over a certain amount. 

Make sure you’re marketing your supply business to medical professionals. Start out by focusing your marketing on medical professionals in your local area. Send out flyers and coupons to local professionals. Attend and sponsor medical conventions, conferences, or health fairs. Send out press releases, whether through email or direct mail, to local medical associations and professional groups. 

Like any business, there’s a lot of preparation that goes into starting a medical supply business. Do your research and prepare well before you launch. 


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