Choosing the right marketing support for your business

When in start up mode or along the way of your biz journey, you will explore a range of different services. One of the most important solutions that you need to get right is marketing. The marketing support and strategy you choose is key and can seriously impact your business outcomes. So, how do you know you have found the right marketing team?

A Personalised Approach 
First, you should ask yourself whether your marketing team you have found is offering a personalised service or a cookie cutter approach. Evidence of a cookie cutter approach will be if they quote a price without actually exploring your website, your brand, and the stage you are at. This will be true whether you need SEO or potentially a web design solution. The problem with a cookie cutter service is that it won’t take into account the goals or even your business budget. Instead, they’ll give you the same solution everyone else has and what works for one company won’t for another. This is where a digital marketing agency like iTonic can ensure your marketing strategy is working for you. They run search, social and display marketing campaigns and deliver world class results for ambitious brands!

A Contact Point 
Next, you should think about how you are going to be able to contact the marketing team who are going to be completely the campaign for your business. Ideally, you should have one marketing professional who will be handling your account and who you can reach out to at any point. This will guarantee that you are always in the loop and know exactly how your campaign is progressing.

Next, you should make sure that you are thinking about the experience that the team has on the market. It’s important that you do think about who the people behind the business are and what they can offer. You can explore this by researching who they have worked with in the past. One of the best options here would be to explore case studies and portfolios that the company offers as evidence of their work. If this evidence doesn’t exist you should always approach a business with caution. Either they are green on the market with limited levels of experience or they are hiding poor reviews!

Finally, you should definitely think about exploring the strategy for the business. You need to consider how they are going to help you achieve your goals. A marketing team should be completely transparent about the strategy that they are going to put into action. The more detailed it is, the better off you will be. You should have a clear idea of the tools and techniques that they are going to use. This is also going to show you whether they do have the level of expertise you want and provide peace of mind that they aren’t going to be relying on outdated tactics. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the key areas that you need to keep in mind and address when you are choosing marketing support for your business. In doing so, you will be able to guarantee that you do make the right choice and you do find a team that is able to catapult your business brand to new heights!


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