Level up your customer experience with these 4 tips

When you are running a business, your top priority is your customers. Without customers, you have no business. Your customer’s opinion matters because word of mouth is still the most powerful medium of marketing you can harness. Your best customers will be advocates for your brand, so ensuring their experience with every aspect of your brand is amazing is key! If you can impress your customers, then you brand will be trusted and your customer base will be loyal. When this happens, you need to make sure that you continue to impress your audience while still building your business. Let’s chat four tips for impressing your customers!

  1. Make an effort You should prioritise and spend some time taking care of your customers and have a customer care program in place. Implement a communication strategy and processes to ensure you are communicating often and with the right messaging that is on brand. Research good customer service scripts to make sure that you open with a professional introduction. When you engage with customers, you are going to show them that your business is one to watch. Some of your clients won’t want to make that small talk, and that’s okay! Effort needs to be made to ascertain whether it’s worth it and 80% of the time, it will be!
  2. Always be responsive As a business, being accessible and providing a quick response is key. A responsive business builds trust, and if you make promises to get back to someone, stick to your word. If your customers are in store and they have an issue, work with them to quickly resolve it and ensure they leave satisfied with their experience.
  3. Invest in hygiene First impressions are everything and while we are in the middle of a pandemic, it’s important that your customers know you are COVID-safe. If you have a brick and mortar store, ensure that you have commercial cleaners hired to keep up with sanitation, masks in store and sanitation stations throughout. Your first impressions are only going to be good ones if your office, showroom, shop or studio is clean, COVID-safe and in the mind of your customers: a reputable business.
  4. Identify and meet customer needs If you know that your customers want something specific, offer it! Whatever your business is offering, paying attention to the needs of your customers is going to keep your business and brand one that they want to do business with. Take time to be active in listening to what your customers want and implement it when viable for your business.


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