#bethegirl interview with Sarah Paynter, founder of SAVY Skin and Beauty

Have you been thinking about a career change but not sure your why, where to start and how to find (and follow) your true passion? Sarah Paynter did just that. Feeling unfulfilled in her career she looked outwards, did her research and found her true passion and made it her career. In June this year Sarah opened her very own beauty studio on the Gold Coast called SAVY Skin and Beauty and has not looked back! I sat down with Sarah to chat all things career, beauty, business and following your passion in our latest #bethegirl interview.

Hi Sarah, welcome to our #bethegirl interview series. Let’s start with a bit about yourself…
Hi Hayley, thank you so much for having me! Prior to entering the beauty industry I was in a corporate role where I was feeling unfulfilled. I was searching for more, and for me that meant career fulfilment and happiness. I researched for countless hours ‘jobs’ with the most fulfilment and kept coming back to beauty therapy and one training institute stood out amongst them all, The French Beauty Academy. The more I played with the idea the more I liked it as I always feel good when visiting studios so I signed up to complete a Dual Diploma at The French and handed in my resignation that day. It was one of the hardest, yet best decision I have made. I ended up staying on with my employer for another 1.5 years while I completed my Diploma then Laser Safety Certificate and actually ended up receiving their most prestigious award on graduation night, valedictorian for my Diploma of Beauty therapy class! I think making the decision to change paths as what is considered ‘a mature aged student’ I really did put my everything into my diploma (and now my career) and I am lucky enough to have a really strong network of people around me encouraging me along the way.

Congratulations on starting SAVY Skin and Beauty in June this year. Tell me about your services and the SAVY Skin and Beauty experience…
Thank you so much! At SAVY I only perform the treatments that I am passionate about. I offer a range of facials, brow services and lash lifts. By keeping the menu small I am able to perfect our services and ensure amazing results are received every time. I believe that your entire experience should stimulate all senses and I aim to provide that in my studio. From our chilled playlist, subtle essential oil diffuser, luxurious treatment bedding (that feels like your laying on a cloud) and beautiful décor. I wanted to create a sanctuary where woman (and men) could come and feel pampered in a judgement free environment.  I want every person to leave SAVY not only looking their best but feeling their best too. I’ve been told by so many that they love my energy and the vibe in my studio and I honestly couldn’t think of a bigger compliment.

We have seen a lot of different brow trends over recent years, what is you go-to or favourite brow look right now?
I’ve always loved a more natural brow so am loving a brow lamination for that undone model look.

Let’s talk about skincare. At SAVY you offer a complimentary skin consultation, which is amazing! How do you work with your clients who are wanting to start their skin care journey or improve on what they are currently doing?
Skin can be a very confronting issue for many, so first and foremost I always ensure I provide a safe and private environment where you will feel comfortable. I believe with skin you really do need to build a relationship and gain your clients trust because for so many coming in without their usual makeup on can be very confronting. During consultation we go over a range of things including lifestyle factors, skincare regime, medical history and treatments plans. By doing a thorough consultation I am able to see if we have any gaps in your current routine and can adapt  accordingly. Every skin journey is different and therefore every consultation and treatment plan is customised to you individually.

What is your favourite/most popular skin treatment that clients are loving coming into summer?
This is definitely a hard one! My deluxe 8 step microdermabrasion is always a popular choice. I use active skincare and modalities to achieve great skin but I also make this facial feel like it has a pampering spa element to it. You leave with skin that feels so fresh and hydrated but you also feel relaxed, recharged and invigorated. I also personally always feel so relaxed after performing this treatment as I really get into the flow of the massage/ music and clients energy. If you want to take this facial to the next level adding on one of our exclusive hydro jelly masks is a must!

“I believe that your entire experience should stimulate all senses and I aim to provide that in my studio. From our chilled playlist, subtle essential oil diffuser, luxurious treatment bedding (that feels like you’re laying on a cloud) and beautiful décor. I wanted to create a sanctuary where woman (and men) could come and feel pampered in a judgement free environment.”

As a woman in business and new business owner, what is the best and most valuable lesson you have learnt so far?
For me I believe in staying true to yourself and knowing your worth. I see so many people who decide to take the leap to go out on their own but they loose the confidence that they had when working for someone else. I get it, as it’s such a scary move but you are starting a business for a reason so surround yourself with like minded people, look for a business mentor and go hard from the start. I’m a strong believer that if your going to do something, do it right from the very beginning. Also, take time out for yourself to reset and recharge your own batteries (something I am still learning to do).

What advice do you have for anyone considering a career in the beauty industry or taking the leap to start their own studio?
If your going to take the leap you need to do it right from the start, as mentioned above I don’t believe in doing things by halves. Invest in quality training – not only at the start of your career but ongoing as this industry is constantly evolving. Look for inspiration from people in the industry but never copy. Know what makes you different and be proud of that. Lastly remember to keep having fun. No matter what stage of your career you are in this industry is such a fun and rewarding one to be apart of and I couldn’t recommend it more. If you are passionate about it you will get so much joy from making people feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

What’s next for yourself and the studio and your plans for 2021?
This is something I’ve really been thinking about over the last month or so and it really is an exciting time for SAVY. We are just at the beginning of our journey and are so proud of what we have already achieved. There are a few ideas out there but I am still deciding which path I am going to take so watch this space!

Where can we find you (your website, socials, and how we can book?)
Follow us on on Instagram @savy_skinandbeauty
Find us on Facebook
And easily and conveniently book your treatments via our booking link that can easily accessed through our Instagram bio 24/7!

Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your career and business journey with us. Gold Coast gals and if you are visiting the coast be sure to check our SAVY Skin and Beauty for an amazing beauty treatment!

Hayley x

Hayley Payne

Chief Editor

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