3 simple ways to build confidence in 2021

If you find that you often struggle with a feeling of not quite being confident enough know this GF – you are not alone. Feeling self doubt, imposter syndrome and a just in general thought process of “Can I really do this?” is common but the amazing thing is there are ways to manage and work through these thought patterns positive steps you can take to take back control and build confidence. Let’s look three simple ways to start and kick off in 2021

Body positivity and confidence
The more body positive you are leads to feeling more confident. The more confident you are, the more likely you will go down a path of self belief and encouragement to achieve your goals. Confidence starts from the inside, so doing some valuable inner work such as thinking about and writing down your values and beliefs is a great place to start. From there you will start to map out what is important to you and why. Self care and looking after ourselves physically and our health should also be a part of your confidence building journey. If we feel good and content within ourselves through exercise and a balanced, nutritious we shine from the inside out. The simple things like making your skin care routine can make a big difference, to a more extensive option such as cosmetic injectables if there is something specific you would like assistance with. Confidence is something that you project to others through cues such as eye contact and smiling. If you are self-conscious about your smile, this can make you appear shy and less sure of yourself. Whether you decide to get Dental Braces to enhance your smile is up to you and depends on whether you feel like it will help you to feel more confident. Either way remember confidence comes from the inside out!

Visualise Confidence
The more that you manifesting being confident, the more this will grow and become a natural part of your everyday outlook and you will find you will form those positive habits that make all the difference. Spend some time each day visualising confidence in yourself. That saying “visualise your highest self and start showing up as her” could not be more true!

Be Kind To Others
If there is one thing that we can all try and focus on for next year, it is to be as kind to others. The truth is that this is one of the best things you can possibly hope to do for yourself too, as being kind brings only positive vibes and energy. It turns out that the best tonic for feeling better about being you is to treat other people better, so take this on board and you will definitely notice the difference!


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