Our Women-Owned Christmas Gift Guide 2020 with Boss + Boo

Supporting female-owned is what we are all about here at TDP HQ! We are super excited to bring you our Annual Women-Owned Christmas Gift Guide for 2020, showcasing amazing brands, the women who have created and continue to cultivate them, amazing gift ideas with meaning and some special offers for our TDP #girlsquad! Next up we chat to Danielle from Brisbane based Boss + Boo, creators of stylish accessories made with love for the pooch in your life!

Ask any dog mum ‘Is your pooch a member of the family?’ and you will get a resounding YES! So of course, your fur baby deserves to be as stylish as you. That’s is what Boss + Boo are all about – creating bright, bold and functional apparel for your pet without having to compromise on style or quality. With collections including Apple Delight, Santorini, Sir Humphrey and Luna Flower (just to name a few), and products from collars to leads, harnesses, luxury bandannas, pup tees and much more, Boss + Boo has your pooch covered (and some super cute dog mum things as well!). We spoke with founder Danielle all about her biz, why giving back is important to Boss + Boo plus getting your Christmas shopping sorted!

How does Boss + Boo make pet apparel fun without compromising on style?
We believe you can still have fun, vibrant, bold and bright dog accessories without them having to be kitsch. Our customers first and foremost appreciate that our designs are so unique and bring a sense of fun to their pets wardrobe. Our designs bring a smile to your face and brighten your day which is exactly what we want to achieve.

We love your manta ‘Your pet deserves to be as stylish as you‘. Why is this important to Boss + Boo? 
We believe there are no boundaries between the pet apparel and fashion industries. Our aim is to continue to bridge the gap between what the ‘norm’ for the pet apparel industry looks like and what we believe it should be. Our pets are an integral part of our family and deserve to have the same choices available to them as we do. This is why we design on trend styles that are not seen elsewhere. We created the concept of matching earrings a year ago and at the time we were unsure of how this would be received as it had never been done before. Once again this is another way of breaking down the barriers of what is ‘accepted’ in the pet apparel industries. We will continue to evolve and expand into territories that haven’t been explored before.

Tell us about your design process and craftsmanship…
We are constantly working on creating new designs. We like to push the boundaries with our designs and each design needs to make us feel excited as we want our customers to feel the same emotions when they see a new design for the first time. We won’t compromise on quality, all of our products go through rigorous tests and processes before we will release them to the public. We have a fine eye for detail and make sure each product that is sent out to our customers is up to a standard that we ourselves would expect to receive as a consumer.

We won’t compromise on quality, all of our products go through rigorous tests and processes before we will release them to the public.

Boss + Boo

We love EVEN MORE that Boss + Boo gives back! Tell us more… 
KINDNESS…to us this is so important. We feel we are in a very fortunate position and want to use our platform to help those who need it the most. We believe in helping not just dogs in need but also people. We as a community as a whole can benefit from gestures of kindness, big or small. In a world of social media and the increase of lack of human connection we think it is more important than ever to reach out to those who are going through a hard time and let them know someone is thinking of them and they are loved.

Danielle, what is a quote that speaks to you the most?
“If you have a dream, don’t let fear get in the way. There will always be risks when starting something new but if you are doing it for the right reasons and because you are passionate, you will succeed. Be authentic to who you are and what you believe in and don’t try to live someone else’s dream. It’s extremely rewarding and humbling to know that something you have created from nothing is so loved by so many people all across the world”

“Our designs bring a smile to your face and brighten your day which is exactly what we want to achieve.”

What are the perfect Christmas gifts this year for pooches and dog mums?
We have just launched our Signature Label Collection which is perfect for the refined and luxury pup! We also have our ‘Very Merry Christmas’ Collection which consists of bandanas and matching statement earrings for dog mums.

Thank you Danielle for sharing your ah-mazing biz with us! Shop the collection here and follow Boss + Boo on Insta and join the community.

Happy Christmas shopping!

Team TDP x

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