4 (legit) ways to create new (or supplement existing) income online while WFH

With the global pandemic set to continue for several more months or even longer, the need for alternative income streams is still very relevant for many people. Enter: the digital world. It can provides options that might work for anyone who has found themselves looking for a different way to work, and work from home. Let’s dive into ways you can earn a genuine income from home, online.

Digital Writer

With so many businesses operating in the digital world, there has never been a better time to ply your trade as an online writer. If you have writing experience (it could be working on your own blog or practicing as a hobby) there are ways you can turn your talents into income. Check out freelance websites like People Per Hour and Fiverr, simply set up a profile and advertise your services. Another option is agency work and if you also have copywriting skills, there are even more options and demand online. 

Virtual Receptionist 

Do you have a quiet space in your home, a PC or laptop, and a good quality headset? Do you have an amazing phone manner and a positive attitude? You could make the perfect candidate for a role as a virtual receptionist in a virtual services workplace! If talking to customers on inbound calls and providing a professional customer service experience is your jam, then this could be a great option. Several businesses may engage you as a virtual receptionist so your could find variety and gain more experience handling different types of calls. If you need a fantastic work from home opportunity, this could be the one for you GF!

Online Tutor 

If you have some experience as a tutor or you have a TESOL certificate, online tutoring could be the perfect WFH solution. This involves preparing short lessons for small classes and instructing international students on the English language or other subjects. You will need to be creative, outgoing and friendly. There are several ways into this line of work, you can work freelance for an online agency, or you can advertise your services independently on social media and online marketplaces. 

Online Trader 

This one is not for everyone, but online trading (not the investment kind, but the commerce kind) may also be worth considering. There are now several online marketplaces where you can trade physical goods and set up shops. These include sites like Amazon, eBay, Gumtree, Craigslist and Facebook. If you want to go the more commercial route, why not try Shopify and set up a profitable ecommerce business.


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