Our Women-Owned Christmas Gift Guide 2020 starts here with AS I AM

Supporting female-owned is what we are all about here at TDP HQ! We are super excited to bring you our Annual Women-Owned Christmas Gift Guide for 2020, showcasing amazing brands, the women who have created and continue to cultivate them, amazing gift ideas with meaning and some special offers for our TDP #girlsquad! Let’s get things started with creator of a stunning range of timepieces, AS I AM.

AS I AM: from raw comes roar…
AS I AM exists because life got so intense, our founder lost herself. She lived expectation to expectation, never stopping to question any of it. Until it broke her. So when she found her power and rediscovered herself, she was determined never to lose her way like that again. AS I AM is her reminder to stay true. Real and raw. And be there for anyone who might need help finding the strength to be themselves.

AS I AMeach product is a visual reminder to stand in your own power. Make your own rules.

Our Philosophy
You are welcome here, just as you are. Because we know what it’s like to need somewhere to just… be. We won’t ask you to smile, even though we know how good it can feel. We won’t reveal the secret to happiness, because we believe it’s different for everyone. And we’ll never pretend we’re ‘just like you’, because you’re unique. Instead, we’ll give you a gentle reminder that who you are is absolutely fine, and let you take it from there. We’ll share stories of transformation: whether missteps or successes. And hope that you’ll share, too. We’ll welcome you, for all that you are. However you choose to be.

Our Timepieces
Our timepieces are a simple, long-lasting reminder to take a moment among the minutes, for whatever is important to you. Crafted with quality materials and thoughtfully simple designs, they are made to last and designed to adapt – to your story, your meaning.

What is the inspiration behind AS I AM?
AS I AM is here to hold the space for people to be themselves. To be true. To just be. No expectations. No preconceptions. No judgement.

What is a quote that speaks to you the most?
“Seek to be whole not perfect” – Oprah

Tell us more about why each timepiece is special and what they represent?
I feel each timepiece is a reprieve from the trials and tribulations of everyday life and we aim to empower the wearer to be mindful in taking time out for themselves. So we have created our first range being The Shades Of Love Collection which is about learning to understand that the journey to loving yourself isn’t monotone; the shades that surround your path, and the steps you take along it, are colourful. Varied and vibrant. So, we’ve represented the ones we feel are important to us here, in our Shades of Love collection. Each timepiece colour was carefully curated to express some of the varied experiences we face in life.

The Collection…

The Olive Branch
If peace were a colour, it would be olive green. Calming and restrained, but striking – just like you on a great day. Let this timepiece be a reminder of that. And on the not-so-great days, remember to extend an Olive Branch… to yourself. To search for space, to savour the silence. After the storm, there’s calm.

The Deep Blue
The figurative deep end can be uncomfortable. While it’s often a place to flourish, whether you dive in is completely up to you. So, whenever you’re teetering on the edge, consider this timepiece a gentle push (or pull). A reminder of the power of self-belief, that you know best. Blue is the colour of trust, after all.

The Tibetan Teal
For Tibetan monks, teal represents the infinity of the sea and sky. A seemingly endless blue-green abyss. Possibility. And while we know boundaries are everywhere in life, wearers of this timepiece are invited to think outside of them. To embrace their differences, to question the norm. Or to just, well… be.

The Dark Horse
Oftentimes we feel pressure to succeed when the odds are stacked against us – at work, at home, in love. To gallop unfailingly like a Dark Horse. It can be stifling. So, consider this timepiece a note-to-self. Black symbolises forgiveness – of self and others. We’re not perfect, just human. And that’s alright.

The Mustard Seed
Life likes to challenge us. It’s full of moments that seem insurmountable at first. Impossible. But in those moments, glance down at your wrist. Slow down, and start small. Even the tiniest leap of faith – one the size of a mustard seed – can help you move mountains. Our mantra: from little things, big things grow.

We adore your collection and there is a style to suit everyone! What can we expect in terms of craftsmanship from your timepieces?
AS I AM Timepieces are crafted with quality materials and thoughtfully simple designs, they are made to last and designed to adapt – to your story, your meaning. While other watch brands markup their products, AS I AM has created a luxury finish accessible without the hefty price tag.

Our Quality Materials include
Swiss Ronda movement
316L stainless steel case with brushed finish
Single dome with Sapphire crystal and anti-reflective coating
Water resistant to 5ATM
100% full-grain vegetable leather, produced in Tuscany, Italy
AS I AM timepieces are designed in Melbourne, Australia

“Our timepieces are a simple, long-lasting reminder to take a moment among the minutes, for whatever is important to you.”

Why is AS I AM piece the perfect gift this Christmas for someone special?
I feel an AS I AM piece would be the perfect Christmas gift idea, as it is a gift with purpose, intention and thought. The greatest gift we can give to those we love the most, is a gentle visual reminder to be themselves.

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Happy Christmas shopping!

Team TDP x

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