Cinch skin: multi-functional skincare that works as hard as you do!

Seriously smart skincare that will streamline your day and your beauty bag? Yes please! Enter Cinch Skin, who recognise your time is you most precious asset so they have created products to make your life simpler not busier! Simply put: Skincare that goes above and beyond, so you don’t have to. It’s a Cinch. I sat down with founder Renee Moore to chat all things Cinch Skin and the ah-mazing product range for a #bethegirl interview!

Hi Renee, welcome to TDP! Tell me a bit about yourself lovely….
I am a self confessed skincare and champagne enthusiast! I have two beautiful boys (and a husband lol). ‘Kindness always wins’ is one of my mottos and I am so proud to be an ambassador for Yes Queen, a non-for profit on a quest to end workplace bullying.

What is your professional background and experience and what did you do prior to launching Cinch Skin?
I have been in the skincare industry for over 20 years in executive roles (Sales and Product Development).  I’m a qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist. 

What was the inspiration behind creating Cinch Skin?
Being obsessed with skincare I was always convinced that I needed multiple products (a.k.a 10 step routine! haha) to keep my skin looking good, but when I became a mum and time and money became more of a thinking point for me, it was time for me to question that epic 10 step routine.  I quickly worked out that multi functional products could exist, they just didn’t.  Why would companies want to sell you 1 product when they could sell 5? From there Cinch was born!

“After having my son I wanted to simplify my complex skin routine without compromising the benefits. I searched for a “miracle product” but it didn’t exist, so I created it.”

We love the 3 universal truths behind Cinch:

Universal truth #1: There’s nothing romantic or clever about being complicated for the sake of it (remember that tortured artist you dated in uni?).

Universal truth #2: Time is the one thing all of us crave more of, but none of us can buy.

Universal truth #3: Finding the time to do the things that make us happy isn’t selfish; it’s an essential act of self-care.  

How did these come to form an integral part of your brand?
Thank you! For most of my life I had always been complicated J…why do it in 5 minutes when you could do it in 25? Haha. I worked late always.  A simple clean up at home became a sit down and sort out the whole wardrobe kind of scenario.  Again, a major shift came when I had my first baby. It’s not that I was busier than I was before, it was that I had someone depending on me and I had to find the fastest way to do things.  So I guess it led me to reflect on my life and at the end of the day, simple is best.  Time is the new currency isn’t it? Those truths are now exceptionally relevant in my life and Cinch.

Talk us through your product range…
Each product takes the place of 5 commonly used skin care products and they all give an epic instant glow!

Spray + Glow
One spritz of this miracle worker offers 72 hours of hydration. It’s a one handed beauty routine combining a moisturiser, anti-ager, pore minimiser, illuminator and primer. Yes, WOWBoasting the potency of a cream moisturiser with the convenience of a spray, Spray + Glow is packed full of Superox-C™ which contains vitamin C to help smooth laugh lines and minimise pores. It’s airy, weightless, absorbs immediately and leaves an amazing glow, what’s not to love? Best for normal, combination or dehydrated skin.

Cleanse + Glow
It cleanses. It tones. It exfoliates. It hydrates and removes make-up. It’s so damn clever you don’t even need water to use it. Let Cinch take care of your skin, so you can spend more time taking care of you. Call us crazy, but we think life wasn’t meant to be wasted washing your face. Ditch the drama of a multi-step cleansing routine and spend more time on the stuff that really matters like catching up on your fave Netflix series, sharing good food and good wine with good humans, or just being with your little people.

Pump + Glow
A luscious rich texture with epic hydration powers that’s still totally light-weight and absorbable, Pump + Glow helps your skin live its best life. Perfect for when you’re feeling parched or just need a little extra TLC, Pump + Glow is the renaissance woman of the skincare world. Glow-inducing, pore-minimising, wrinkle-smoothing and make-up priming powers are just a pump away – it’s a Cinch.

How does Cinch work better for the beauty routine of busy, modern women?
As each Cinch product takes the place of 5 commonly used skincare products (without compromise) it is like supercharged skin care that literally can be done in 30 seconds and with one hand! For women that don’t want to sacrifice great skin but don’t have the time – Cinch is a great solution. Cinch is all about helping to increase confidence and self esteem in women who haven’t previously had the time or money to invest in self-care.  We are building a community of like-minded women and offering them a simple, multipurpose skincare range that is highly effective and saves time and money.  We leave behind intimidating complex routines, photoshopped models and marketing hyperbole.

What is Cinch Skin’s hero ingredient and why?
Superox-C is our powerful collection of ingredients that we have in all of our products.  It contains Wild Harvested Kakadu Plum, which is native to Australia.  It was so important to have a hero ingredient from Australia (all of our skincare products are Australian Made) Kakadu Plum contains the world’s highest concentrate of Vitamin C. Superox-C is responsible for adding that epic luminosity and glow and also helps smooth those laugh lines too!

What’s your best piece of self care advice for our #tdpgirlsquad…
For me it relates straight back to Universal truth #3 – Find the time to do things that make you happy.  It’s not selfish.  It’s an essential act of self-care!

What has been your biggest and/or most valuable biz lesson to date you would like to share?
Understand your skill gaps and add people to your team that can fill those gaps whether it be in the form of a mentor, a staff member or a business coach and always surround yourself with positive people that you can have open and honest conversations with.

“We are building a community of like-minded women and offering them a simple, multipurpose skincare range that is highly effective and saves time and money.  We leave behind intimidating complex routines, photo shopped models and marketing hyperbole.”

What’s next for Cinch Skin?
We are really excited to be focusing on getting a warehouse in the UK. We have a great following overseas and have shipped to over 80 countries. Opening up another warehouse just makes it so much easier for our customers to get their hands on Cinch.

We also have 2 new products coming out next year! Can’t wait.

Super skin in seconds. Effective ingredients and innovative formulas. A busy gals dream duo. Less bathroom time, more you time. 5 in 1, 2 step routine. Designed with Super-ox C containing Kakadu Plum, Nature’s supercharged vitamin C – we are totally on board with all things Cinch Skin! Thank you so much Renee for sharing your ah-mazing brand, business story and advice on why self care is totally not selfish! Find out more and shop the range here and follow Cinch Skin on Insta and join the community.

Hayley x

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