How my second biz made $90k in just 3 months

By Guest Contributor Yen Japney, designer and founder of Curve Sculpting.

Ever since I was young, it has been ingrained in me, to work hard to create the best life for myself and my family. I was only 10 months old when my Mother made the bold move to Australia. No English, no family, no husband, no money, we were financially challenged growing up. Seeing my mother work really hard and taking 2-3 jobs just to support the family, made me motivated to work hard and start my own businesses.

I started my first business at 23 years old, and I am currently founder of the shapewear brand Curve Sculpting, which has revolutionised the waist trainer with a design that moulds perfectly to the body. Made from a super comfortable latex with a cotton lining, the waist trainer will sculpt your curves, flatten the stomach, while accentuating your waist and hips. It is also designed to not push your bust too high like many waist trainers do.

Curve Sculpting is the third business I have launched, my first start up failed as I spent too much time on packaging and the cost of products became very expensive and in the end didn’t become profitable. My
second business made $90k in 3 months and over $1mil plus in 2 years. So it’s safe to say, I know a thing or two about running a business! I don’t regret failing my other businesses as I now own a very successful brand (Curve Sculpting), with people like Cathy Evans from MAFS, Sarah Harris (2.2million Instagramcommunity) and Kelly McCarren wearing my brand.

My biggest secrets are…

  1. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, focus on giving value instead
  2. Start with something that already works but can improve just a little bit that makes all the difference!

I have been wearing waist trainers for years, and after trying many different brands and not finding anything out there that fitted me perfectly, so that’s when I decided to design my own, to make the perfect product to fit any body shape. Some advice that I will never forget that a previous mentor gave told me – “Ready, Fire, Aim”. Meaning, when you’re ready, put it out there, test it out, see how people respond to your product then come back to it and tweak if you need. Too many times people wait until everything is absolutely perfect (nothing is perfect!) then by the time you launch someone else has already done it. I am a big perfectionist, so coming to terms with this was a struggle however I have learned to implement it into my business mind. These three words helped me immensely through making many decisions and as I launched many new products. I must admit, I do still hesitate a little sometimes but once I realised I’ve spent way too much time on the ‘not so important thing’ I get back on track to getting it done.

About Curve Sculpting
Curve Sculpting has revolutionised the waist trainer with a design that moulds perfectly to the body. Made from a super comfortable latex with a cotton lining, the waist trainer will flatten the stomach, while accentuating your waist, hips and bust.

● It is the first waist trainer with a curve under your bust so it doesn’t push your breasts up too high
● Material is natural latex made with cotton so it is softer on the skin
● It comes down a little lower to also cover the top and bottom pouch on your tummy which evens out your curved exactly where you need to get the S shape

About the Founder
Yen Japney, the designer and founder of Curve Sculpting raised by a single mother, has been a fan of waist trainers since way back, but she has found them to be uncomfortable, they dig into her sides and they push her bust up too high.

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