How software can revolutionise your business

Whether you are a small to medium biz owner, or are working on a larger scale, your business is still open to risks. The COVID-19 pandemic has definitely taught us that we should expect the unexpected, and that even when things are going well, we should always take stock and plan for unplanned obstacles. All businesses, even highly successful ones, should be looking at ways to cut costs and shore up against being hit by the economic impacts of COVID-19 and beyond.

So what does this have to do with software? We all use software every single day, on our phones, laptops, TVs and more. Our businesses likely  rely on software to promote, finance, and smoothly operate. Some businesses exist entirely online, using social media and website sales to fuel their profit. But how can software be even more game-changing when it comes to saving money and taking your business to the next level?

The Power of Business Automation Software
We’ve all seen movies about robots becoming intelligent and taking over human life, but in reality, the intelligence of our software is helping us thrive most of the time. Business automation software is designed to reduce manpower and offer an accurate and failsafe alternative to running the day to day of your business. Here’s an example.

If you want to gather data on how best to improve your service, you might send out a survey to your customers or ask them to leave a review. This is pretty standard practice for any business. However, collecting the data you receive back, in review form, ratings or comments, is a laborious and time consuming task for an employee. This will cost your business money, just to collect and analyse the results of the survey or reviews. That’s where automated software comes in. This software can collect and compile this data into a readable format where you can directly see how highly you are rated by what percentage of your customers, and common themes that pop up. This is just one way your business will save time and money with business automation software.

Cybersecurity Software
Your business’ cybersecurity is your entire business. Without up to date cybersecurity software installed, your entire business could be compromised if it is hacked. Plus, your customers deserve for your site to be watertight when it comes to entering their financial details, their addresses, emails and phone numbers. It is absolutely essential for your business to operate under high functioning cybersecurity software.

How can you do this? Firstly, enable two-factor authentication for all transactions. This means your customers’ details will go through two firewalls, not one, before they are processed by your site. This makes it twice as hard for a hacker or bot to breach their privacy. It may even be worth hiring a cybersecurity management program which oversees your operations and offers expert observations on improving your security software measures.

Running a business is complex and software can help! Research, plan and implement how software can benefit your business and protect yourself against any unexpected obstacles that get in your way.



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