ZADI Training: ‘Exercise Science Made Sexy’

The boutique studio for ‘bad ass’ women is here! Unique AF, ZADI is the first boutique fitness studio to offer Complete FIIT Principle Strength combination programs with the most effective metabolic training methods. Designed exclusively to ‘unleash the extraordinary in women’! Dimmed lights. Loud music. A raw, industrial warehouse vibe to bring out your most bad-ass self. More nightclub than gym, this high-energy setting is guaranteed to get you in the mood to workout. A movement of inspiring, empowered women, ZADI . A ZADI woman demands more and wants results! She’s independent and lives life on her terms. Sound like you? Thought so. Read on ladies to learn more about the ZADI concept and hear from the founder herself Adala Bolto, all about creating and cultivating the ZADI community and in the first 18 months of business achieving turn over of 1.5 million with two studios nearly at capacity, and her recent experience navigating investors through COVID-19.

 The ZADI concept
The ZADI concept was born due to Adala spotting a gap in the market to build a strong female focused fitness brand that was results and technology driven but also created a unique badass experience for female clients.They call it ‘exercise science made sexy’. Studios are designed with ‘The girl gang on a night out experience’ in mind, set in a nightclub fit out, loud empowering music and a great of like-minded boss babes community vibes.  The ZADI workouts are all developed by Exercise Scientist Damien Kelly so they are extremely accurate, results driven and female specific. ZADI have also partnered with TechnoGym to create bespoke technology to help in a consistent member experience which will support the roll out of more studios and a way for clients track their results and stay connected. 

“At ZADI, we’re for women who unleash their own passion, strength and power in all aspects of their life.”

Adala’s experience with COVID-19 and business
Moments before COVID struck, Adala secured a large investment with the aim to bring ZADI to an International level, however, shortly after her business had to be shut down for 2 months.  Despite all odds and whilst many other gyms closed down and lost their investors, ZADI went from strength to strength, maintaining their investors and pivoting to an online model. The new investors stood by the concept, believed in it and decided to ride the wave with Adala and stay on board. 

“Because we are based in NSW, we were fortunate to re-open our doors after lock down, and we were happy to see our members returning as usual, more excited than ever! However, if we didn’t have an online offering for them while they were stuck at home, there is a chance we could have lost them, That’s why the investment was important” – Adala Bolto, ZADI TRAINING founder.

Adala, what’s your advice on how to keep moving forward and navigating 2020 during these challenging times?
Stay optimistic – this is SO important during these times you don’t want to cause any panic in your staff, franchisees or investors. You have to push forward top ensure they continue to have confidence in you.

Change of strategy – given the hard times for everyone, we have changed up our franchise strategies, offering potential franchisees, a COVID package, where we help the franchisees throughout the entire process, such as, site selection and negotiating with landlords to help them secure the best deal possible.

Spilling the tea on dealing with Investors…what is your key approach?
The key with dealing with investors is communication. I only secured my investors weeks before the lock down happened. It was touch and go but in the end they liked what they saw and they stayed on.

So what are ZADI’S beliefs and values you ask?
ZADI is built on a foundation of strong, honest and relevant values. Our beliefs are timeless, authentic and real, and integrated throughout everything we do – our people, our programs and our culture. At ZADI, we’re all about creating a strong and cheeky athletic footprint that will blaze a new trail in women’s fitness.

ZADI is ‘Switched On’: We’re progressive, smart and agile. We’re conscious of playing an active role and contribution to reshaping the future of fitness.

ZADI is ‘No Bull*@#t’: We tell it like it is – no fluff, just hard facts! We’re unapologetic but not rude. What you see is what you get.

ZADI is ‘Impactful‘: We’re committed to making a difference in many ways. We’re fueled by helping positive and energetic women achieve real results.

ZADI is for ‘Extraordinary Women’: We believe in women that lead and inspire. That’s why we’ve created a new fitness movement that connects an exclusive community of strong and confident women.

Thank you so much Adala for sharing your ah-mazing brand, business story and advice to keep moving forward through challenging times. Check out more about ZADI Training here and follow on Insta for inspiration and motivation!


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